Spring Random Bites

It's finally here.

It was the winter from hell.
It snowed once a week, even into March.

I missed my vitamin D, but was lucky enough to get down to Miami a few times for some great food events and fantastic fun in the sun (my other hobby).

I have a new avocado toast that I am obsessed with.

A schmear of avocado, some lemon juice, shaved red onion, feta cheese and some spring mesclun mix.

Drizzle w/ some great olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.
So good.

I took a break from kale for a while, but my seeds are planted for my summer crop, and am looking forward to a whole bunch of new kale recipes.

Make this delicious kale slaw w/ peanut dressing if you are a kale lover.

It's delicious topped w/ an avocado or grilled shrimp.
One of my favorite salads.

Here is my new cute business card for your approval (or not, because I already ordered them).

They are retro and cute, and I don't even have a mixmaster.


Natalia said…
Your tulips are beautiful! Mine are still open (surprisingly enough), even the black ones I brought from Amsterdam 10+ years ago when I visited my friend and bought them at the flower market.

Your toast sounds yummy - I am an avocado fan so will definitely try.

Regarding your kale salad, do you recommend any particular peanut dressing? I've never made one and although there are lots of recipes out there, do you have a favorite one?

Nice biz cards btw.. very you, given that you sell antiques as well.
Stacey Snacks said…
The link to the kale salad w/ peanut dressing is in the post, just click on it......it's delicious, and easy.

Anonymous said…
Love the business card! Now you need to get a stand mixer...
Emily said…
Those business cards are adorable!!! And, your tulips are beautiful! I need to plant some. They always feel like the promise of Spring to me!
serafinadellarosa said…
Can't believe you don't have a stand mixer with all your kitchen hijinks! didn't have one until a couple of years ago and I finally picked one up at Costco. I adore the damn thing! And just think of all the fun you can have with the attachments...get the pasta set. Cards are cute!