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Ottolenghi's Spiced Apple Cake

I don't really need another apple cake in my files.......but I guess there is always room for one more.

I was intrigued by this recipe from Ottolenghi SIMPLE cookbook. I have seen a lot of instagrammers make it, and it sure looked great.

The recipe is pretty basic, nothing fancy. Sour cream, butter, sugar and eggs....the usual suspects.

But then, there are these gorgeous spiced apples piled high on top of the batter, creating a layer/topping of heavenly goodness.

I was in.

The original recipe was in UK measurements, but the cookbook is now made for US markets, so it is in my language, the language of a dope who can't convert metric properly.

It calls for "apple pie spice" mixed with demerara sugar, which I have none of either.

Do not be tempted in substituting Turbinado sugar for the Demerara. Yes, they are both raw sugars, but they are not the same animal.

Just go out and buy a bag of it. I sent Henry out...he found it, no problem. :) #nicehusband.

*I made my…

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