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BEST Upside Down Fig Cake w/ Walnuts & Rosemary

You must be sick of me and my stupid upside down cakes by now.
Sorry, not sorry.

I have the formula down pat by now, and I can basically add any fruit and it just works and the cakes look so beautiful.
Anytime a new fruit comes to town, I have to bake an upside down cake showcasing the season's best and ripest.

Well folks, they are here.

Beautiful, ripe figs from my little tree.

We have a potted fig tree that we bring inside in the winter.
We keep it in the basement stairwell under Bilco doors. No light, no water.
Darkness. Dormancy.

My husband pruned it back last winter and I was quite upset, I thought he hacked it.

Instead, I have the largest bounty of figs on this little tree! Over 60!

So let's bake a cake!

I have a few upside down fig cakes, but this is the one.

I have perfected the recipe from some others I have posted over the years, but trust me when I say, this is the BEST one.

It is moist and delicious and I almost ate the whole cake in one day.
It's so…

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