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Holiday Sides: Artichoke, Fennel & Potato al Forno

This is a recipe from Jamie Oliver's book 5 Ingredients.

It has been in my Pinterest file since I got the book in the spring, and thought I would try it when the weather got cooler.

I love fennel, also known as anise. Not so much raw, but cooked, it is dreamy and creamy.

Of course I had to add garlic panko breadcrumbs and more cream and parmesan than the recipe called for.....I wanted to make it a holiday worthy.

It was.

Here's how:

2 large heads of fennel (anise), fronds and stems trimmed
800g baby potatoes, cut into quarters
1 large jar of artichoke hearts (marinated is fine)
1 1/4 c water

1/3 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese plus more for sprinkling
kosher salt and pepper
panko crumbs (optional, but makes the dish better!)

Slice the potatoes and fennel into even size pieces.

Toss with the artichokes in a baking dish.
If you are using marinated artichokes, then just use the oil in the jar. If you use a can or jar of artichoke hearts in water, then drizzle every…

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