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Sweet Corn Gazpacho w/ Grilled Shrimp

New Jersey summers really are the best.
Don't believe all the negative press we get. It's a beautiful state.

The New Jersey shore is gorgeous, with so much to offer, something for everyone.....we have great pizza, and the best produce.
We do have high taxes and bad attitudes (some people do, anyway....truth).

We grow delicious tomatoes, corn and peaches, but you know all of this already.

I get excited when everything is in season and available all at once so I can make a dish like this. It uses all the tastes of summer, and when you use local produce, it's the best.

This is a terrific recipe for gazpacho, usually made with red tomatoes, cukes, peppers, and onions.
But this one is a yellow gazpacho, made w/ New Jersey's best summer produce, and it has CORN in it!

I added grilled shrimp to make this a heartier meal instead of a light lunch, and another bonus, it freezes beautifully!

The second time I served it, I defrosted it from the freezer, and threw in some…

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