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The Perfect Cake: French Yogurt with Apple & Chocolate Chips

Why am I always searching for the perfect cake, when it's right here. Old school, French, of course.  Yogurt and vegetable oil...... Fruit? ok.  (original recipe calls for 2 chopped apples) Chocolate chips?  even better. This recipe is just a plain French yoghurt (spelled the European way) loaf cake.  Add in what you like:  berries, apples, apricots, or nuts....chocolate chips.  You can't mess it up. I used to snub my nose up at vegetable oil in cakes, but I have matured.   It's fine.  Neutral and easy. This makes a big loaf, and freezes beautifully.  It stays moist for days. You can use any type of yogurt that you like, as long as it is a full 8 oz. (1 cup).     I have used Greek yogurt and regular Dannon yogurt....all good.   If you are not using the chocolate chips, then definitely throw in some lemon zest. The recipe is a guide, but I promise, it is made by every French grandmere, and she will have her own tricks and additions. French Yogurt Cake w/ Chocolate Chips &am

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