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Root Vegetable Galette

I'm all about the galette or tart. Puff pastry is my love. Just roll it out and pile the ingredients on. It's such a pretty thing. Here, I saw a recipe on instagram by Jacques Pepin, adapted by Justin Chapp le from Bon Appetit mag and I knew this was in my future. I did my own thing, as I always do, but I have to say the sour cream thing is genius! I have only used sour cream for my flammkuchen (Alsatian Onion Tart), but from now on, I will use it instead of ricotta (which I don't always have on hand). You will only need one fat parsnip, a carrot sliced on the bias, one smallest red beet, a small sweet potato and a few slices of red onion.        Some sour cream and Parmigiano Reggiano and you are in business. Just slice the above root vegetables super thin (you will only be using half of the sweet potato and half of the parsnip, so just roast the rest in the oven for later). Add the sliced vegetables (except the beets, or everything will turn red) in a bowl with some oliv

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