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Ottolenghi's Chicken Marbella


If you are from the 80's like me, then you will know what Chicken Marbella is.

Supposedly from Marbella, Spain, this Jewish holiday staple was put on the map by the popular 80's cookbook THE SILVER PALATE, published in 1982.

The dish has never gone out of style.

It was comprised of chicken parts marinated overnight in wine, brown sugar, vinegar, along with prunes and olives.
It is the perfect entertaining dish, because you can make it ahead.

Well, now Yotam Ottolenghi has revised the dish somewhat to make it more modern, using dates instead of the prunes, and using dark meat, which I am in favor of!

His new cookbook SIMPLE is quite nice, and you know I am a big fan.

Since I have made this dish 100 times, I didn't expect much with this new fangled version.

But to my surprise, it was SO GOOD!

I used only chicken thighs instead of the legs and thighs as the recipe suggests (yes, with skin and not use skinless please).

I did not use bay leaves, because …

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