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Maialino's Citrus Olive Oil Cakes

I have a million apple cake recipes here on the blog.....and an equal amount of olive oil cakes.

I love them both.

Over the years I have made cakes by boiling the citrus and pureeing them into the batter (VERY GOOD)......using Sicilian olive oil; California olive oil; Greek olive's all good.

For years I have been eating at Danny Meyer's Maialino Restaurant in NYC and I always order the olive oil cake for dessert.
Why is it so much better than others?

Years ago, I asked the pastry chef for the recipe and I jotted it down a napkin (TRUE STORY).
However, the measurements were HUGE and quantity for a restaurant, not for a home cook.

Food52 published the recipe and I decided to dive in and make mini bundt cakes, instead of my usual cake.

A few notes on why not all cakes are created equal.

What kind of olive oil are you using? 1 1/3 cups is a large use one that you actually love the taste of.
I received a gift of Meyer lemon oil, and thought it would be a …

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