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Jamie Oliver's Easy Sausage Carbonara

I have been lazy lately.

I don't remember that I have a food blog and can access 11 years worth of recipes.......I have to be reminded by friends who have collected recipes.

"Stacey, I made your chicken and green beans last night, and we loved it".

My what?
I have to go on my blog and search what they are talking about.
I am losing my memory and mind.

Jamie Oliver's new cookbook 5 Ingredients is a life saver.

Don't listen to the amazon reviews that say the ingredients are "hard to find" and "specialized".
These were obviously written by people who don't have access to a supermarket that sells flat leaf parsley or cilantro. I think they believe that Jamie is going to cook the food for them.

Eye roll.

Listen to me. I am usually right.
This cookbook is terrific for weeknight dinner inspiration. And don't feel like you are limited to using the 5 ingredients listed in the daring and maybe add in a 6th. ;)


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