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Ottolenghi's Pasta w/ Chickpea, Spinach & Z'atar

Another winner from the cookbook Ottolenghi SIMPLE.

So far I have loved everything in this book, as you will see in the posts to come (the baked rice w/ cinnamon and tomatoes and the tonnato potato jackets).

Though the recipes in this book may seem anything but "simple" because the ingredients lists are lengthy, they really are "simple" most likely have everything in the house. And if you don't, you can certainly improvise.

For example: this recipe called for fresh thyme, which I had none of, so I used dried thyme.....if you don't have Z'atar (a Middle Eastern spice, has notes of oregano and lemon), then I suggest you go buy some. It will last a while, and it is really good in this recipe (hence the title).

Since I am not real red sauce lover, this was just what I was craving....and healthy-ish from the protein in the chickpeas, spinach and anchovies.

Pasta w/ Chickpeas, Spinach & Z'atar: (adapted from SIMPLE)

3 tbsp olive oil, plus e…

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