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Alison's Fantastic Brown Butter Salmon

I'm sorry to promote yet another cookbook, but when it's good, I want to share with you.

Alison Roman's new book NOTHING FANCY is very good.

I have liked everything I have made so far. Most dishes are no brainers, non fussy, and good enough for weeknight or entertaining.

I am going to just put this out there.....this is the top 5 salmons I have ever made, and I mean ever.

It is SO GOOD.
It has all the flavors I love, and is so simple.

I think this is the best salmon dish to serve for company, because you can bake it, then serve it at room temp if necessary.
It would be a good brunch dish too...sort of has a bagel and lox flavor profile.

I omitted the sesame seeds, because they have been getting stuck in my dental work lately, and it's very annoying.
Sorry to share that information.

I also made it with my favorite steelhead trout, which is milder than salmon, if you can find it (Costco sometimes has it).

Just cut down on the butter if you are using a smaller piece…

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