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Marie's Old Fashioned Raisin Spice Bars

I love baking.

Who knew?
I sure didn't.

And don't believe the nonsense that baking is all scientific.
I was scared away from baking many moons ago, thinking I had to have EXACT measurements, blah blah.

Not so.
I have found substituting and playing around with measurements and ingredients are fine. Sometimes you fail, but most of the times, you learn what works.

People often ask me what I do with all the baked goods? Do we eat them all?

The answer is.....drumroll please......


I have a piece of cake everyday with coffee, and Mr. Snacks has some in the evening.
Of course I give some away to friends that stop by....and I mostly freeze the others for lunchbox snacks.

So there you have it.

Let's bake these old fashioned, easy raisin bars.
They are so moist and so delish.

They are more like a cake, than a cookie. I like to keep them cold in the garage (fridge works too).

Marie's Old Fashioned Raisin Spice Bars: (adapted from 66 Square Feet)

5 1/2 oz …

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