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A New Kind of Broccoli Salad, w/ Warm Dressing & Dates

You want an easy, make ahead recipe for your Thanksgiving? Make this broccoli salad.   It's not your ordinary broccoli salad, but a raw salad, tossed with a warm dressing and chopped dates and pistachios.     The longer it sits, the better it gets. It's from Bon Appetit's Healthyish website , and I have to say, it's pretty fabulous. Since I don't love raw broccoli (or any raw veggies for that matter), I cheated and steamed the florets for 1 minute and 30 seconds in the microwave in some water. It also set the color a nice green. The deliciousness here comes from the ras-el-hanout spice, which is a Middle Eastern spice known as "top of the house".  It's going to be different from each spice trader, so find one you like.  I mail ordered mine from the Spice House online. You heat the 2 tsp of spice with oil and garlic that has been grated on a zester (the only way I add raw garlic into dressings these days). Then you add in the rest of the dressing ingred

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