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Roasted Parsnips w/ Dates & Hazelnuts

Dear Parsnips.  I am sorry I always seem to forget about you. You are sweet & spicy and I love you. I will try and remember to buy you whenever I see you. xo I must be losing it, writing to a parsnip.....but it's true. Why do I never remember to make this vegetable?  Parsnips are kind of ugly, these big beige clumpy looking carrots....but when I peel them, that spicy delicious aroma hits me and ahhh! I remember why these are my favorite!!!  I love them! I need to get out more.  This is a winter dish, and winter it is.   So let's make this delicious vegetable side, or served with some quinoa or forbidden rice, a main dish. Roasted Parsnips with Dates & Hazelnuts: (loosely adapted from Eating Out Loud) 5 parsnips, peeled with a vegetable peeler and cut into quarters  5 carrots, peeled and cut the same size as the parsnips. 1 tsp aleppo pepper (chili pepper works too) kosher salt & pepper 3 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp honey handful of chopped dates handful of chopped hazeln

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