My Choice: Paris

Some people left comments on the blog last week, asking why we go to Paris every year?

I must be boring.

You can choose your extreme vacation in the jungle if you like, but I choose mine, in the City of Light.

Paris is NEVER boring, and each year we discover new wonderful things.

We find new streets that we have never traveled.

New restaurants and cafes to try.

and old restaurants and cafes we go back to every year.

We see the same people each year, they have become friends, and we love seeing them (that's Laura from Hidden Kitchen & Verjus, still our favorite spot in Paris).

This year we visited 2 museums that we never had before. The exhibits are always changing.

The architecture is gorgeous. Period.

Each door and window and facade and storefront and moulding..............

and the colors and the gardens..........................

We have been eating some amazing food this trip, but to be honest, the States has better food (except for quiche & pastries!).

New York City, Portland, Chicago, San Fran, Austin and Charleston beat out Paris for fresher, healthier cuisine.

By the end of my 10 days, I am tired of eating pork products, meat, bread, pastries and CHEESE.

I want my vegetables and fresh fish, the way I usually cook and eat!!!!

My husband eats so much duck confit with potatoes, he starts to quack!

At least I start my day off by eating a French yogurt (tastes like creme brulee!).

I also don't drink wine every night at home, like I do in Paris. However, I never get a headache here, like I do at home, must be the lack of sulphites in the French wine.

We walk at least 2 miles to every restaurant, and walk home, and the view of the Eiffel Tower never gets old.

If cities are not for you, then go to Disney World or the Bahamas, or the trip of YOUR choice.

But Paris is mine.

I've already booked the apartment for next September.

I'll be back in the kitchen on Monday. Hope I remember how to cook.


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You are never boring Stacey. We too seem to go back to our favorite places. We've been to Provence several times and I am anxious to go back. My husband suggested going elsewhere and I said, for the same reasons you mentioned, why?? Then he mentioned he would like to see owners of the little boucherie we visited 3 or 4 times a week and he got the idea quickly.

I understand why you are looking forward to being back in your own kitchen. I feel the same way when we've been gone a long time. But I confess, I'm already looking forward to your next trip.
Unknown said…
Please, what's wrong with going to the same place every year? It's nice to have a routine vacation, something to look forward to every year! I'd go to the Outer Banks every year and that's a lot less interesting than Paris haha.

We are planning a trip to Paris for the spring of 2014 though, and I've been enjoying readindg your posts for some ideas! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
John said…
Paris is beautiful and complex. It's your Second City! You get to experience the City as a resident instead of as a tourist.

It's hard to believe you've had all the cheese you can handle.
Lisa N. said…

We vacationed at the Jersey shore my entire life -- I couldn't wait to get there every summer. Sure we had our trips to Williamsburg and Grand Canyon but nothing beat out our "annual trek to the shore."

I would go to Paris every year. As a matter of fact I looked into fractal ownership. I think it is HOW you vacation that makes the difference -- I could never be on one of those bus tours that hits 100 cities in 1 week. Renting the apartment is key-- I think to a deep and satisfying experience . And what calls you back -- because it really feels like "home." Or at least that's how I felt. And seeing the photos is making me CRAZY to get back. :)

Okay - Parsippany High School Reunion in Paris!

Paris does not seem boring to me. I look forward to reading your posts every year! Have a safe trip home.
Anonymous said…
Wow! Very interesting that you think the food, in general, is better back here at home. With the amount of eating/cooking/restauranting you do, I take your opinion seriously. Also interesting that you single out French pastries & quiche. When you post Parisian photos, those boulangerie/pattisserie shots are ALWAYS the ones that get me HUNGRY. Looking adorable in your crisp white blouse, by the way.
Patsy said…
Verjus wine bar! That's where I ran into you and Henry last September. Love that place. Jealous, jealous, jealous. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Can't believe you are holding in your hand a yogurt which is NOT La Fermiere! I finally found it on this year's trip to Paris (7 visits). Score! Love your blog, your trips to Paris and have shared with family and friends. Enjoy the last of this year's trip.
Anonymous said…
I love this photo of you, and I am certain you will remember how to cook when you get home!

We went to Verjus as per your recommendation last year and we loved it!

Thank you for taking us along on your travels, I have enjoyed the week!

Stacey Snacks said…

I did buy Le Fermiere, but I also tried these little paper pots! I loved them all! I eat 2 per day, so I bought a few different brands this trip.

In Beaune, we bought fresh farm yogurt from a fromagerie which was tangy and really different. Henry had the currant, which is in season now, and I had the hazelnut, w/ bits of nuts in the yogurt. SO GOOD!!!!!

Can totally understand your love for Paris. We love all of France and find any excuse to go back and to go back and to go back!! Is there such a thing as too much duck confit?
Jane said…
I agree completely with you about the food in Paris! We recently visited for our umpteenth time and I also missed the fresh vegetables and fish I am used to preparing at home!

My husband and I were fortunate enough to have lived in Spain for three years and traveled all over Europe while there visiting many countries! We were back recently to our beloved Spain where the food is still as wonderful as we remembered it!

I almost feel as if we return "home when we revisit!
Rosetta said…
Bellissime foto, grazie.
Catherine said…
I live in England, and have travelled around Europe, and I prefer the food in Spain and Italy. Have been to Paris many times, and I agree with you about the lack of fish and good vegetables. Paris is a hard city to be in unless you eat a lot of meat and I don't. Not vegetarian, just prefer not to. I could go to Paris just for the weekend, on the train, in a couple of hours, but I don't want to. The food in London is now generally fantastic.
Terrah said…
Hi Stacey,

First, thank you for sharing your photos and for taking your readers (Me!) on a virtual tour of Paris. I've never been, but I lived in Europe (Holland) for three years.

Let me just say that your photos reminded me of why Europe is so special. There are sights, sounds, foods, streets, people, etc. that stay in your memories forever. You've experienced things in Paris that can't be manufactured and in some cases, are almost as old as time. That's the thing about Europe. The civilizations on the continent are so much older than ours (In the U.S.) When you experience looking at buildings and works of art that date back further than the 1600, the experience brings it all home, regarding how young the U.S. is as a nation. European cultures has centuries of narratives that we (In the U.S.) don't have.

People don't "get" the quality of life in Europe, especially if they are from the U.S. They are used to manufactured, constantly-changing, "microwaved" experienced.

I'd much rather go to a destination and be serviced by waiters who take pride in the centuries old tradition of serving restaurant patrons (For example), than going to some fakey, plastic vacation destination filled with fakey, plastic, corporation-trained waiter-bots who are clearly just out to make a buck off of your rear in their chairs or booths.

I want to travel to a place that features foods, cheeses, pastries and wines that have been crafted based upon centuries-old traditions. While I appreciate the melting pot that is the U.S., I love experiencing TRADITION.

Finally, if you're going to vacation, the point is to take a break from day-to-day life and visit a place where you can let your troubles go, experiencing joy for a while. If your "place" is Paris, then so be it! Why not create a second home in this big world?

It's sad that for most people, "vacations" are all about the logistics and the finances of experiencing a destination. Most U.S. travelers are too stressed out to even enjoy their so-called vacations. Then, they can't connect to a location. Then, they try to find a new location that will make them feel joy, only they won't enjoy that location either!
LG O'Connor said…
I never tire if visiting Paris with you. I look forward to the posts every year and tell everyone about them as I get you new subscribers. Love, Z
Stacey, I remember a quote from Truman Capote, inspired by his first visit to Venice. He said, "Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs at one time." I feel that way about Paris. My imagination is challenged in a place where art and architecture and food and fashion are as vital as breathing.

You and your hubby are representing the States well, and you are surely showing France is not the only country with joie de vivre.

Safe travels, good eating and shopping and learning and experiencing...well wishes from the Pacific NW.
Beth said…
Absolutely beautiful - it inspires me to return to Paris!
Caroline said…
Paris is amazing and never gets old! And I have an amazing quiche recipe for you too... Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Ciao Chow Linda said…
If ever there were two things that weren't boring - it's you and it's Paris. While I love traveling different places in the world, there are good reasons to visit one place over and over again. Paris is one of those places you could never get tired of and you have shown us that so well.
Carole said…
As for me, I'll choose Paris. Tu n'es pas ennuyante! (You're aren't boring!!)

I've been enjoying your sojourn en France.
Natalia said…
You are too funny Stacey - I love your sense of humor! I'm with you - been to Paris a few times & would spend every year here, like you do.

I feel that every time I go to NYC there is something new to see - new restaurants to try, new streets in neighborhoods to walk in, new exhibits in museums & I also enjoy people-watching, so I am in total agreement with you when you say Paris does not get old.

Your comments about fresh & healthy food.. in addition to New York City, Portland, Chicago, San Fran, Austin and Charleston - I'd add Seattle. Don't know if you've ever been - I've lived in Jersey my entire life and have spent many a summer in our Catskills home, but Seattle is a dream as far as fresh & healthy food goes. If you haven't been - you should go - I could recommend some fabulous places (my brother lives there so I've been many times).

Looking forward to new & exciting recipes from your home kitchen! Au revoir!

Oui Chef said…
Tired of eating pork silly girl.
Bluebird NY said…
Lovely pictures and commentary as usual, Sta. We loved Paris too and it's nice to love it all over again every year when you visit and take us all along! xoxo
Eileen said…
I'm with you, Stacey! Give me Paris and France! The trip to Glacier National Park just reconfirmed that I'm a city girl.
Good for you. I know what you mean...Paris is a delight to behold and never tires. But I agree French food can be so meat heavy and rich...but I feel like that after any holiday where I am more gluttonous than I would normally be at home. I often just want to go and roll around in a field of salad for a few days to get back to normal. Either way, glad you had fun, lovely photos and commentary. x
Lori Lynn said…
I loved every word and every photo of this post.
Simply cannot believe that anyone would think returning to Paris year after year is boring. I ache to return. Merci for the memories...