Paris Eats: Verjus Wine Bar

Remember my post a few years back on Hidden Kitchen? The private supper club run by an adorable American couple living in Paris. It was a tough seat to get, and we were on a one year waiting list to get in to this fun dinner party hosted in a Paris right bank apartment.

It was one of the most memorable meals we have had in Paris.

Well, Hidden Kitchen is no more, and Braden & Laura have successfully (VERY successfully, I might add) opened their own restaurant/wine bar a few blocks from their apartment.

Verjus is the place to be.

The opening did not come without many headaches, but they are now in full gear.
Verjus is in a beautiful 19th-century townhouse (particulier) overlooking the Theatre Palais-Royal.

They have been written up in Bon Appetit as one of Paris' 4 hottest tables, Food & Wine and Saveur, and it is no wonder why.

If you have one meal to have in Paris, make it here.

I contacted Laura 6 months ago when I was planning our trip to see if it was too soon to make a reservation, only to find that they were happy we were coming (am I that much fun?) and yes, of course, make the reservation now.

Braden and Laura treat you like old friends, and maybe it's because they are Americans too, they make you feel welcome and are genuinely happy to see you.

Braden runs the kitchen, while Laura runs the "cave du vin", the wine cave (which is truly in a cave!).

The food and wine are only amazing. They serve hard to find, small estate French wines, that I could never find in the States and all of their wines are reasonably priced.

The restaurant has a 6 course tasting menu with wine pairings, and reservations are a must.

The wine bar downstairs is first come, first serve, and serves lite bites (fried chicken, grilled broccoli, amazing frites, etc).

We started with an amuse buche of Yukon gold fried potatoes with chive cream and roe.....more please.

My favorite course of the evening was the fantastic green gazpacho made w/ chilis, a hot cornmeal crouton and heirloom tomatoes. I wiped every bit of this green gold with my bread.

We had the trout with frisee, then a duck breast served with squash ravioli, then a beef course......all gorgeous and delicious.

2 decadent desserts were served with a delicious chilled fizzy cabernet Franc, to finish the evening's meal.

The restaurant is filled with French & English speaking patrons, with all the wait staff speaking English.

We loved Verjus, felt right at home. Can't wait to return.

52 rue de Richelieu
1st arrondisement, Paris 75001
Monday–Friday 7–10 P.M. (closed Saturdays & Sundays)

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Now this is eating. I've read about the place and it's nice to know it lives up to its reputation. I'm making a note of the address and thanks for the heads up on planning ahead Stacey.
This has just jumped to the top of my list, so glad your meal lived up to expectations! I'm booking us in as soon as they have space for us!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Stacey - You have a way of sniffing out the best places! I'm putting this on my list but I wonder if I'm already too late.
I love the presentation of the green gazpacho. Wish I could have just a little taste, but I'd want the entire crouton!
Mollie said…
The presentation of those dishes is so elegant and artistic. I it is almost a shame to eat them... almost,
Patsy said…
Stacey, great to run into you and Henry in the wine bar at Verjus. Your post captures the Verjus experience perfectly. And I'm with you.....I need more of those potato chips!
PS-your blog is great. I look forward to being one of your daily visitors!
Patsy Devine
Dana said…
If we had not brought our kids with us, that is where we would have eaten!
vicki archer said…
I went the other night and loved it... all of it... :) xv
Stacey - You are a blogger after my own heart! Travel, food and antiques are my passions. I enjoyed your posts about Paris and all the delicious food you ate. I need to go back and read your blog from the beginning - I can't wait!