Hidden Kitchen: Paris Supper Club

We were lucky enough to score a reservation at the popular Hidden Kitchen in Paris last night.
A private supper club run by an American ex-pat couple in the food industry.

Laura and Braden open their home (secret location) to a bunch of strangers every other weekend and have 16 people for dinner! Everyone speaks English and it was wonderful meeting people who love food as much as we (I) do.

It is a 3 hour meal, a seasonal 10 course dinner with wine pairings.
Apperitif and hors d'oevres started at 8 pm, with dessert ending at almost midnight.

I have to say dining at HK was the best dinner we had while our stay in Paris.
Braden is an amazing young chef and his food, as well as his presentation is equal to that of any 4 star NYC restaurant. And Laura's sweet hospitality and dessert made the evening just perfect.

We met people from all over the U.S. who were visiting Paris, some food writers, some bloggers and just people who love food.

We were greeted with a vodka lychee cocktail upon arrival and introduced ourselves to the other guests.

It is a formal sit down dinner and we started the evening w/ an amuse of a gorgeous potato gnocchi w/ beets and creme fraiche. WOW.

The soup was a pumpkin puree over sliced fennel and pear with pumpernickel. HELLO?

A cornmeal cup filled with FRESH FIGS and arugula salad with white anchovies & pickled cauliflower.

You still with me?

There was homemade tagliatelle w/ Rebluchon cheese, and roasted woodsy mushrooms.

Next, a braised pork belly on a walnut turnip puree.

Cleansed our palettes w/ mint sorbet and bourbon jello.
They can cleanse my palette any day.

Braden made a homemade duck sausage served over a red wine risotto w/ braised chard and little grapes.

A Brussels sprout salad w/ red onion and for dessert, Mademoiselle Laura made an amazing shortbread with butterscotch pudding and a beautiful little purple peach!

Each course was paired with a gorgeous wine, white and red.
A very special evening indeed.

If you plan on visiting Paris, try and get a reservation at Hidden Kitchen.
It really was a special treat.


Steve said…
Magnifique, Stace. I'm envious. We have read about HK and the info is in our Paris file, saved for the next visit. Looks like you all are having a great time. Regards to Henry.
You must have been in heaven with the fig and arugula salad Stacey. How heavenly to dine in a private home in Paris. Ooh, la, la.
Dewi said…
What a great concepts, not too many people willing to open their house for strangers. Glad to hear that you had wonderful time.
Claudia said…
Now I know why I read blogs. To live vicariously in other lands.
Anonymous said…
Nice to dine with, meet and greet, other Americans at HK, but the experience's too fussy for me, I prefer the informal picnic grazing you posted about earlier this week. Would you consider a weigh in when you get back to Jersey? I'm curious to know how all this nibbling added up. I bet not much, a good friend of mine spent a blissful week+ munching through Italy this summer and came back breaking even. Weird right? Something's DIFFERENT in Europe...
Kathy Walker said…
Someday I will have the opportunity..until then, I am making my list of great places to visit!
mil said…
Good morning,

Wow... you struck it rich!! Right up your alley from the minute you walked in their door.
This trip will go down in your memory as the "eating trip of all time."
with love,
Anonymous said…
You so belong in Paris, glad to read you are having such a great time, I am soooo jealous... Jules
SarahB said…
WOW! I am soooooo jealous!! Dream meal!!! I mean, seriously! Did they compose this meal exactly to your tastes or WHAT??? Even that mint sorbet with bourbon jello... come on!!
Wow, this sounds out of this world!! Even more reason to take a trip to Paris :) :)

wanda said…
Mmmm...sounds delish! Did you take any food photos? Your descriptions makes each dish sound out of this world! Are Canadians welcome??
Gourmet Goddess said…
Hi there , I only discovered your blog about a month ago and love reading your almost daily entries.

The Paris trip looks amazing - love the appartment - could I get details if I emailed you privtely? I was last in Paris almost 20 years ago and it looks as enchanting in your photos as I remember it .

Of course the food nibbles you entice us with a beautiful , the HK is amazing and I feel I ate every dish along side you .

Great blog , great humour and looking forward to more entries .

Gourmet Goddess
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed catching up with your Paris posts so far! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. This meal sure sounds very special!
Lori Lynn said…
Sounds fabulous! I love reading about other supper clubs! We know how much work it is...Gee how I would love to attend that one! The menu is incredible.
Foodiewife said…
Stacey's Foodie Tours is now open for business. I'm your first client.
How in the world do you find these things? I'm totally enchanted and a little green with envy. What a memory!
Lisa in Delaware said…
Fantastique, Stacey! Incredible dinner, beautiful home and very special hospitality from your new friends. Thank you for sharing. Lisa
Bossy Chef said…
FUN!!! Like I wasn't already jealous of your trip to Paris.
The JR said…
I'm glad you found such a wonderful place to experience!
How did you find this, what an experience! and they even had figs for you! The setting in their home looks beautiful. You're never going to want to come back, are you?
Carole said…
It sounds like a remarkable experience and meal. Lucky girl!
zenchef said…
Sorry if it took me so long to visit.

I can't tell you how jealous i am ( and you knew that! :) This is totally my thing. I'll make sure to score a RSVP next time i'm in Paris.