Thanksgiving Ideas 2011

I can't believe we are in Thanksgiving mode again. It seems like we just had potato salad on 4th of July.

I always receive emails about 2 weeks before the holiday asking for menu suggestions.

So here are some good ideas and the usual stuff I am serving up this year.

Tradition is good, and no one likes change in my family when it comes to holiday foods. I basically keep the menu the same, adding a few appetizers and maybe a new dessert here and there.

But this year I am NOT making my Sweet Potato Orange Gratin. There might be a picket line outside, but too bad. I am making something even better (if there is such a thing).

This year my rough draft menu is:


~ Salami & Egg Canapes
~ AMAZING Shaved Brussels Sprouts w/ Parmesan & Truffle Oil Crostini (recipe tomorrow)
~ Simple Cheese & Fruit Platter (3 cheeses: a cow's milk, a Blue & a Brie, to be exact)

Side Dishes & Vegetables:

~ Sweet Potato Gratin w/ Caramelized Onions & Sage (recipe to come)
~ Ottolenghi's Cauliflower Salad
~ Challah Stuffing w/ Spinach, Sausage & Fennel from Bon Appetit

Main Course:

~ Some sort of Turkey Roulade (stuffed and rolled, so I can make it ahead and free up my oven). Sorry, no drumsticks or legs this year.
~ Cranberry Orange Relish


~ Swedish Apple Pie
~ Chocolate Gingerbread Cake from Canal House Cooking

So there you have it. I may change my mind, or add a thing or two, but I am a woman, and that's my prerogative!

Click here to see previous Thanksgiving posts and other great turkey day recipes.

What is on your turkey menu this year?

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please can I have an invite to dinner? I'll help clear away after, I promise!
Stacey Snacks said…
Hop on the next flight to NYC, we would love to have you!
Kathy Walker said…
The roulade is a great idea!
Arlene said…
Your menu sounds fabulous....I can't wait to try the sweet potato gratin and the salami egg canapes....will you be posting the recipes?

Thanks, Arlene
Anonymous said…
i'm not doing a whole turkey this year. we are having about 20 people over-- how many turkey breasts do you think i need to cook?
Stacey Snacks said…

I think 3 large turkey breasts should be fine for 20 people. If you want leftovers, then make 4 (2 in each large pan). I buy the breasts with the ribs and skin still attached.

Good luck!
Claudia said…
I'm not allowed to be creative for Thanksgiving. (You know families like that, right?) But I will be doing those appetizers. For that course, I have freedom.
Joanne said…
I think I love seeing what other people are making for Thanksgiving more than I actually like EATING Thanksgiving dinner. Weird. I never make the same thing twice in a row except for cranberry sauce (there would be a riot)...and my family hates it. But....they also like Stovetop so they have been revoked of their choice. Can't wait to see that sweet potato gratin recipe!
You're always so organized and have your menu all set, I'm still working on mine. All good here Stace you always make a mean Thanksgiving!
Dana said…
We will be having fewer people this year but I will be cooking more. Fewer people means fewer assignments I can give out. Harumph. Got to get in the spirit! I can't make any other stuffing than Pepperidge Farm!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I want it all Stacey and have never cooked a stuffed turkey breast, but will try it sometime with your recipe.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
ps - meant to tell you just got back from Europe and ate wonderful Ottolenghi food. such unusual flavor combos.
LauraNorthernCA said…
We are doing a turkey roulade too! Hubby uses the Todd English method (on to debone and roll a whole turkey, so each slice contains both white and dark meat. I agree it's a lot of prep work, but so worth it! Have a great holiday!
oui chef said…
Oh my....I'm thinking I just want to catch a plane south and crash your party, what a great feast you have planned! We only do pies and tarts for Thanksgiving (don't ask me why), but your chocolate gingerbread cake sounds awesome!
Mollie said…
Turkey Roulade, what a wonderful idea. I may have to make that during the regular year. Wow. Can't wait until tomorrow to see the recipes