Greek Turkey Sliders

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Last night I emailed Marie from P.I.C. and told her that I needed some grill ideas for a big party, did she have any?

She wrote that she had just made the most delicious Greek turkey burgers for dinner that night. I asked if she would share her recipe with me, which of course she did. She is nice that way.

So, I decided to make Greek turkey sliders (or slyders), little burgers, and freeze a whole bunch of them so I have them on hand anytime I need them and enough for the BBQ.

Let me first say that I am not a turkey burger fan, don't ask me why, maybe because they are usually tasteless and dry and have zero flavor.

But these were FANTASTIC! We loved them and so did everyone else.

I adapted the recipe to make about 22 small sliders, and they froze beautifully.

I also suggest that you use your hands to mix the ground turkey with all the other ingredients (though it is disgusting). I started out with a wooden spoon (like mixing meatloaf), but ended up of using my hands, it's just easier.

Marie's Delicious Greek Turkey Burgers: (made 22 small sliders)

3 packages of lean 93/7 ground turkey (about 4 lbs.)
1 red onion, minced
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1/2 cup of kalamata olives, chopped
6 oz. container of crumbled feta cheese
1 lb. of fresh REAL spinach (not baby spinach, & not frozen, but the real stuff with veins and firm leaves that you used to eat in a spinach salad), washed and chopped
Cavender's Greek Seasoning (I used lots of garlic powder, salt & pepper instead)

Mix the ground turkey in a very large bowl and season with salt, pepper and lots of garlic powder (about 2 teaspoons).

Mix in the rest of your chopped ingredients and mix well with your hands.

Form small meatballs or patties and grill for about 5 minutes on each side.
Marie uses Tsatsiki sauce on hers, we used ketchup!



I'm with you on the blandness of turkey burgers. This certainly looks promising, though, with so many flavourful ingredients right in the burger.
Stacey...Those burgers look delicious. Where can I get a hinge for my jaw so I can take a bite? Have a great July 4th weekend...Rosemary
kat said…
We love turkey burgers (Its all about finding a way to keep them moist) & these really looks & sound so tasty.
The JR said…
They do sound good. I like turkey burgers. Tend to eat them more than beef.
Bluebird NY said…
This could be the answer to my dull and very bland turkey burgers, Sta. I like the idea of adding Feta cheese to the meat...will try these this weekend as we have a houseful of hungry people!
I'm so impressed you made a real recipe out of the ingredients I just blurted out to you! You're so good. Glad you liked them, and you're right, they do freeze well.
Jen_from_NJ said…
These sliders look fantastic! I make feta stuffed turkey burgers which I really like. I love the addition of peppers and spinach - even better!
lisa is cooking said…
I'm a turkey burger fan, and these sound great! Tzatziki sauce sounds really good with them too. Now, I just have to find some little buns, or I'll have to make some.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I'm not a turkey burger fan either, but I could be converted with the addition of all those other ingredients.
Amy B said…
Stacy, you are a wild woman!
I have a very difficult time getting my husband to eat turkey burgers. Maybe the real spinach and the Cavenders will do the trick. The sliders sure are cute. Happy 4th of July.
... said…
Do you freeze them raw or cooked? They look great!