Friendsgiving Menu

Not everyone has that perfect family to celebrate holidays with.  
There are many people who spend holidays alone, and that makes me sad.

This year I decided to start a new tradition and host a "friendsgiving".

My friends are my family.   I love them.   Most of them I have known since I am 12 years old, do the math.

Once you are my friend, it's hard to get rid of me.  You would have to do something really crappy for me to "unfriend" you.   

I decided to host a girlfriend friendsgiving with 12 of my closest friends.

It was so much fun, one of my friends asked if I could make this a yearly thing.


Here is the menu:

I roasted turkey breasts (recipe here) the day before, and made "Gobblers".

Brioche rolls with cranberry relish, stuffing and the bird. (click here for recipe).

Stuffing Muffins (recipe here).   So easy and adorable and the perfect individual portion.   You can add sausage, leeks, herbs, no rules........

Hummus cups:   I filled flared rim cups with 2 tbsp of hummus, some tapenade and raw vegetables.  Drizzled a little olive oil around the rim to keep it smooth and moist (can be made 3 hours ahead).  

Smoked salmon carpaccio dressed with capers, pomegranate seeds and pickled onions.....served with pita and creme fraiche on the side.

Charcuterie board.....consisting of meats, cheeses, dried fruits and nuts and grapes.

Desserts were homemade mini carrot cakes made with olive oil & cardamom, and my walnut candied orange tart (added in pecans and chocolate chips too).

Grateful for good friends.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

xo Stacey


Mary said…
This looks great--especially since you did most of the work beforehand so you could enjoy your company!
Anonymous said…
How beautiful your table your easy recipes and wish I was your friend! :)
Katie C. said…

We had some non-cooking and unattached friends over too. Everyone got to take home some leftovers. Spatchcocked the turkey. Brined it so it wouldn’t dry out. The bird cooks so much faster this way.
Amy B said…
Oh my gosh! My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce using leftovers. Actual dinner itself day off is bland and heavy.
I’d say you rescued Thanksgiving!