My favorite deli in New Jersey serves a "Gobbler" 363 days a year (they are closed Thanksgiving and Christmas).

It is a sandwich comprised of fresh baked turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing.

When a customer orders it, the sandwich makers honk a big horn and all yell out "GOBBLER"!
It's tradition, and even though I never order that sandwich, I enjoy the pomp & circumstance of it all.

Here is a rare Saturday post, sharing more leftovers from Turkey day.

Here is my "Gobbler". Make it, it's so good.

I need a salad.

Have a great weekend!


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Anonymous said…
I love the Millburn Deli!
Best turkey sloppy Joe's ever.
I have never had the Gobbler there, but I love when they honk the horn when someone orders one!
They are opening an indoor seating area soon. I am tired of sitting outside freezing my butt off!
AdriBarr said…
First, let me say congratulations to your local deli for closing on Thanksgiving and Christmas - this work every day thing is driving me nuts. Also I bet the "Gobbler" thing is pretty funny. The sandwich certainly looks great, and your version is simply glorious! I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and warmest wishes for a terrific Christmas season.
Unknown said…
the Gobbler looks like a sharing sandwich...or, I could just eat it all myself