Beet Ravioli with Smoked Butter, Sage & Walnuts

I really don't expect you to make this dinner.....why?

Because good luck finding SMOKED Bourdier butter....I smuggled it home in my luggage from France....

and I BOUGHT the beet stuffed ravioli at my farmer's market made with local NJ those are the main reasons. can make this with any store bought ravioli.

You can find good quality butternut squash ravioli in the fresh pasta section and this would work just fine....and you can use any type of butter for the sauce, you don't have to be fancy like me.

It's all about the fresh sage and the walnuts cooked in butter, just enough to make it brown and nutty.

In a saucepan, cook the butter with the walnuts and sage leaves about 3 minutes, until fragrant.

Pour over the cooked ravioli.

Garnish with Parmigiano Reggiano.

I promise, you will look like a star.


Stephanie said…
You are hilarious and so practical!

I am curious - what does the butter taste like? And would you use that butter just to cook with or is it a baking butter?
Stacey Snacks said…

I wish I had brought MORE of the smoked flavor! (beurre fume sale).......IT IS SO GOOD!

I have spread it on everything.......and with the leftover 2 tbsp I had, I melted it w/ the walnuts and sage.


Loved it.

I love it! and will try to make it when i'm back from our trip. Very very tempting :D