Swordfish w/ Caper Anchovy Butter

I love this sauce so much....I could put it on everything.

It reminds me of that delicious anchovy butter I spoon over that decadent Spiedini alla Romana (fried mozzarella sandwiches).

If you don't love anchovies and garlic, then stay away. This recipe is all about it.

Another great weeknight recipe from Alison Roman's Dining In cookbook.

Here's how:

Start w/ 2 pieces of swordfish (8 oz. each).
Season the steaks with kosher salt & pepper on both sides.

Heat a large, heavy skillet w/ canola oil (I use avocado oil, because it has a high heat index and I love it).

Sear the swordfish steaks about 4 minutes on each side (will depend on their thickness).

After about 8 minutes, add in 2 tbsp butter (you can use more if you like....), 3 smashed garlic cloves, 1 tablespoon capers and 4 anchovies that have been cut up.

Cook this mixture for about a minute, tilting the skillet while the butter is sizzling. Keep spooning the butter mixture over the fish.

I added smashed boiled fingerling potatoes to the pan, because that sauce was just too good just eat on the fish!

Garnish with fresh oregano leaves.

You can serve this one right from the pan.



C said…
Good Grief! I HAVE to make this...it sounds so good! Thank you for sharing!
Swordfish is rare around my place, guests have to replace with other fish. Guess fish with hard texture will be good. :)
Unknown said…
You are so smart with your uses of anchovies and because of you I love occasionally adding them to my dishes too!