Spiedini alla Romana: Fried Mozzarella Skewers

When I was dating my husband many moons ago, we used to go to this great red sauce joint in Orange, NJ called Giuseppe's (long gone, the neighborhood has changed big time). It was located above a pool hall, which was so funny because the waiters all wore tuxedos!

I always remember ordering Spiedini alla Romana: skewered, fried bread cubes stuffed with mozzarella and prosciutto in a beautiful anchovy, caper butter sauce.

Ok, are you still with me?
My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

We recently had dinner at our friends' house and the husband made Lidia Bastianich's mozzarella in carozza, which was really delicious, it reminded me so much of that appetizer favorite at Giusseppe's Restaurant, that I had to try and recreate it.

I noticed that Mario Batali has a recipe for this in his cookbook, however he does not make that nice garlic anchovy sauce w/ capers, so I made it up.
It was EXCELLENT!!!!!

It was a surprise for my husband and part of a romantic dinner with a great bottle of Chianti Riserva.
I truly walked 2 miles before eating this, because I know that this is not a low fat item.
The frying makes a miserable mess on the stove, but it is worth it!

Stacey Snacks Spiedini alla Romana:

Trim good Italian bread slices by trimming the crusts and making 3" squares.
You want 3 squares of bread for each skewer.

Slice fresh mozzarella to fit in between the bread slices, 2 pieces of mozzarella per skewer.
Skewer the stacked bread and cheese w/ bamboo skewers.

Dip these little stacks in 3 beaten eggs and fry, turning a few times in olive oil in heavy skillet until browned on all sides.

Anchovy Caper Sauce:

~ 1/4 cup olive oil or less
~ 1 can flat anchovies
~ 3 cloves garlic, sliced
~ 2 tbsp capers
~ 2 tbsp butter

After your bread cubes are nice and crispy, transfer them to paper towels to blot.
In a separate skillet, heat the anchovies, oil and garlic and stir to break up anchovies. Cook about 2 minutes and turn flame off burner.
Add your butter and capers to the garlic and anchovy mixture.

Lay your bread cubes (discard skewers) on a platter with tongs and spoon delicious sauce over.

Romance and Arterial Sclerosis!


Linda said…
Hi Sta
One of my favorite appys ever!! We used to get whenever we went to a "good" italian place. Always loved it!! Must be a genetic thing that we all love anchovies and garlic!!!
I would have walked 4 miles and eaten twice as much !!
Love you
It's like a grown-up version of fried mozzarella!
I don't like to fry either because of the mess, but this is definitely worth it. I want some.
Maria said…
I usually don't eat fried foods but this one I think I can manage:)
slow down I am falling behind in copying you - I just got around to the peppers...LOL
I'd put on my hiking shoes for this! Sometimes you just got to indulge, Big Time!!!
Patsyk said…
Oh yeah... I'd be adding the incline and another mile on the treadmill to be able to enjoy this guilt-free! But, it would be oh-so-worth-it! YUM!
LaDue & Crew said…
Oh Yum! I can't wait to try this one. I love capers, and have had a jar of anchovies in my pantry forever. Now's the time!
Karen said…
I think this is the first recipe I've ever read that literally made my mouth water... and it's only 9:30 in the morning! My first reaction was "too many anchovies", but after 'tasting' all the ingredients in my mind, this sounds just perfect. Love the addition of the capers, too... one of my favorites.
The Food Hunter said…
That sauce sounds like the perfect match. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Mario's rendition caught my eye when I saw it in his book, but your sauce takes it to a new level! I have to make this soon.
Peter M said…
Mutz...yes Mutz...I was hoping you used use Mutz as in Mozzarella.

Jersey girl, you're slipping up but the cooking's sharp as ever....may I have a bite?
What delicious looking photos (even with the anchovies). This is a favorite dish of mine too. NOt a lowfat food at all, but then most good foods will clog your arteries.
Pam said…
Wow! That's rich and delicious...worth the two miles you walked I am sure. Great recipe - I am sure you husband loved it.
Shelley said…
Hi Stacey!
I'm going to have to take your word for it on the anchovies....I know a lot of people love them, but I'm not one of them! ;) I'm not brave enough. The dish looks really delicious though. I'll have to try it, but sans anchovies!

That red sauce joint sounds cool! Too bad its long gone. But at least you were able to recreate a dish you loved!

Take care! Thanks for the comment! It's lonely at my place! ;)
Anonymous said…
I'm laughing so hard at the instruction to "blot" the cubes after the frying pan! LOL! Is it really necessary?! Love this!
Terri said…
I'm going out on my walk/run this morning, then I am making these for appetizers for dinner. What's for dinner? Spaghetti with browned butter and Myzithra cheese. I'm in fat and carb heaven!
Anonymous said…
holy crap, stace. this may be your best post yet. my mouth IS watering and i am full from my lunch! that looks amazing and, you're right, without that lovely sauce it just wouldn't be the same!
pup said…
This is my all time favorite appetizer!! spano's in Point pleasant beach new jersey makes this! every time we go there.. thats what we order! ive been looking for a good recipe to try...
Anonymous said…
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