Instagram Random Bites

Lately, I find it much easier to just post photos on instagram of what I am cooking.

I don't have to write a long love letter to you, and I don't have to write out the recipe.
I am becoming a lazy food blogger after 10 years.

Here are some things that I have been cooking these days.

(If you want the recipes, just click on the links, easy!).

It's comfort food season. I like making big pots of stews and braises to keep warm.

I made Nigella Lawson's One Pot Chicken Barley Potage with Parsnips, Carrots and Leeks.
It was loverly!

Recipe here.

I made my first apple tarte tatin with puff pastry.

I obeyed, and cooked the apples in the caramel (butter and sugar) for 18 minutes, like most recipes said.

The results were excellent. I know most forums say that tarte tatin must be eaten warm, and at that moment.

There were very strict rules about reheating and "won't be good the next day; don't bother with the leftovers".


My tarte tatin was BETTER that night, and even just as delicious for breakfast the next morning!

I kept the tarte in my cold garage, loosely covered. My pastry was still nice and crisp, and because it was a bit chilled, the caramel was nice and firm.

Next up is an oldie but a goodie.

Pasta e Ceci.
Make sure you use ditalini for this one. We ate the whole pot, it's so DELICIOUS and easy.

Here is the best recipe (make sure you follow the directions and puree 1 cup of the chickpeas).

I used my frozen turkey stock from Thanksgiving and omitted the cheese at the really doesn't need it, but go ahead, who doesn't love Parmesan on top?

And last but not least.....that beautiful giant 2 pack of chuck roasts you get at Costco for 25 bucks. This feeds a small army.

I made that beautiful One Pot Oven Braised Beef w/ Tomatoes & Garlic (aka pot roast?) browning onions, no browning the meat.....just stick the big 3 pounder (or larger) in a Le Creuset or Staub Dutch oven. Sprinkle w/ kosher salt & pepper.

Cover w/ a 28oz. can of San Marzano tomatoes with juice. Maybe 1/3 cup of leftover wine or stock. Some fresh rosemary sprigs and a head of peeled garlic cloves.

300F with lid on for 3 hours until falling apart.

Makes the most delicious ragu served over pappardelle.
I froze 2 big containers and will add kimchi the next time for a kimchi beef stew!

You're welcome.


Bebe said…
You have earned the right to be a Lazy Food Blogger. You still bring recipes and your own lab notes and, much as we love your love letters, most come here for food inspiration. We should not be picky about how it is formatted.

Nigella’s recipe sounds terrific, but I don’t believe it would fly in my house and then I’d have to eat the whole thing. Having to eat the whole thing with the Tarte Tatin would be OK, but how many days can one eat that reheated potage? I tend to flag after the second go-round.

That Tarte Tatin sounds too delectable, and of course it would be great the next day. I like that sort of thing eaten early in the AM, over the sink, when no one else is up and around.

I will make the beef. Anything that you say is OK with steps cut out is my kind of cooking these days. The Costco mega-package of beef will be too much for two of us, but I’ll work it out.

So thank you. I love your chatty love letters but you have earned a break. XO
Mary said…
It all sounds good, but I will have to make the pot roast soon. And just so you know your long blog posts are appreciated, I made your "Jewish Apple Cake" from 2015 on Friday, when those awful fires were visible from home and school was cancelled for our area of San Diego. It definitely calmed the jitters some of us were feeling. Thanks!
Stacey Snacks said…
Bebe and Mary,
Thank you both for your lovely comments!

They truly make my day. :)

Susan Reynolds said…
Just took this pot roast out of the oven! Holy cow (no pun intended!) family thinks I am the queen.

Thank you!