Ricotta Crostini w/ Cherry Salsa

If you are lucky enough to find really good, ripe sweet cherries, then make this salsa.

Also, bake the cake I am posting tomorrow and the brownies I am posting the next day.

It's a week of cherries! So go with it!

I only cook with what is in season, so this week it is wonderful NY State cherries.

This cherry salsa was great on crostini with fresh ricotta, but it would also be good on pork tenderloin.
Make sure your cherries are super ripe and SWEET!

Cherry Salsa:

pitted ripe cherries, cut into thirds
a bunch of scallions, white parts too, sliced
pinch of sea salt & pepper
lemon zest
splash of balsamic vinegar

fresh ricotta
honey to drizzle

Mix up the cherry salsa and let macerate for a little while on the counter at room temperature.

Spread your toasts w/ fresh ricotta and spoon on salsa just before serving.

Drizzle w/ honey and enjoy!


I have made a vow to make at least one dessert with all the major summer fruits this summer: Strawberries (done), cherries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and peaches. This and your blueberry cake are giving me inspiration.