Yellow Squash Zoodles w/ Pesto & Tomatoes and a Giveaway

Here I am "zoodling" again.

This time I used yellow squash instead of zucchini to make a mock pasta.

Since my garden is filled with basil, I made a simple basil pesto and threw in some cherry tomatoes.

Big blobs of fresh mozzarella melt into the warm zoodles to make a delicious, easy summer meal.

Low carb and delicious, and Henry thought it was pasta!


Yellow Squash Zoodles w/ Pesto & Tomatoes:

4 yellow squash
olive oil
2 large garlic cloves
1 pint of cherry tomatoes, halved
handful of kalamata olives, chopped
fresh mozzarella balls to taste
2 tbsp of basil pesto
splash of white balsamic vinegar
salt & pepper
fresh basil leaves for garnish

Spiralize your squash (or buy them already spiralized.....Whole Foods sells them already done for lazy people like me).

Coat a large skillet w/ olive oil and heat the whole garlic cloves until fragrant (you can discard it later, or eat!).

Cook the zoodles in the garlic oil for only 2 minutes, they cook quickly.
Add in the tomatoes and toss around.

Turn off the heat and add in the olives, pesto, splash of vinegar and mozzarella balls.

Serve warm or at room temperature. Garnish w/ basil leaves.


I have a copy of the new cookbook NOURISHING NOODLES by Chris Anca to give away to one of my readers.

It is a beautiful book filled with raw and cooked spiralized vegetable recipes.
100 terrific plant based recipes made with beets, zucchini, carrots, you name it.

Soups, salads, mock pastas......tons of fabulous ideas in which to use your spiralizer.

Just leave a comment, and a random winner will be selected!



Anonymous said…
I am intrigued by these zoodles... have to try it! Valerie :)
The JR said…
That cook book looks good Stacey.

I have a spiralizer and have used it only on potatoes and zucchini. I will have to check out that book to see other ideas to come up with.

You've been putting up a lot of good looking and I bet great tasting recipes.

Stephanie said…
Stacey, the fact that you've done two posts on spiralized veggies leads me to the conclusion that it is more than a fad.

I will have to get a spiralizer now and try some of your recipes.

Thanks for the tip on getting your veggies at Whole Foods. I am Canadian and I'm a bit skeptical that we'll have them at our Whole Foods but I will have to check.

Thanks for another great recipe.
-Erika said…
How does the spiralizer compare to a julienne peeler? Obviously it is faster but is it a pain to clean? Is it a space hog in the cupboard? I have multiple julienne peelers plus a mandolin with a similar setting but it seems the spiralizer produces longer and more robust "noodles". Your thoughts?
Katie C. said…
Please add me to the list! I have a spiralizer and I need some new ideas for it! Thanks
Lisa Walker said…
Sounds interesting...I wondering if the recipes will work the same if one uses julienne recipes?
Unknown said…
I enjoy zoodles, my husband not so much.
Could use some new ideas to tempt him.
Unknown said…
I bought a spiralizer but it is still in the box!!! You are getting me inspired.
Suzanne said…
You're the only one who has made "zoodles" look appetizing. Made zucchini noddles once with a very intense walnut pesto. Was delicious but only because the sauce was so good.
Unknown said…
You are on a roll with the zoodles! I haven't tried it with the yellow squash yet and this looks like the perfect recipe to try it with.
Carrie said…
This would be great! I'd love some new recipes to use with my spiralizer!
Jen said…
I have "zoodled" twice so far and would love some new ideas!
Especially love them with pesto :)
Terri said…
I love my spiralizer and would love to try some new recipes! Am trying your scampi tonight. :)


Wilma Rubble said…
Would LOVE to have one of these!!! 😇
Wanda in Maine
Gail said…
I need to get out of my zoodles rut. This cookbook will help.
Bebe said…
Oh, goody. A new kitchen toy. (Now I need another cupboard to store this stuff. Maybe next to the creme brulee stuff and the torch? :-)

My healthy-eating son and dear DIL would love this stuff. I could surprise them with zoodles the next time they’re here?

The sauce is the secret.
Anonymous said…
I love that I have everything to make this at home, since I just brought my dog home from the hospital and don't want to grocery shop! (Last night we had a recipe of yours from 2013 for roasted shrimp and orzo. Well, not the dog. He had chicken. But my husband and I loved the shrimp!)
Artsie Ollie said…
So excited to try this recipe!! Always looking for new healthy recipes.
phoebegirl said…
You should try using zoodle noodles made from raw beets for a salad with goat cheese and whatever else you want to add. So pretty and tasty. Another fave of mine is zoodles made from butternut squash with a sage & brown butter sauce. Glad to see you've finally hopped on the zoodle train. The possibilities are endless!!!
Unknown said…
Love zucchin noodles, make them at least once a week!
Anonymous said…
Hi Stacey
love all your recipes...this one looks amazing .I guess i need another gadget in my kitchen .
Nathalie B
Anonymous said…
Zoodles...something new...who knew...obviously a lot of you!
Thanks for broadening our horizons again!!
LG O'Connor said…
What a great idea!
kimt said…
This sounds like a perfect summer meal. Can't wait to try
Mollie said…
I am a quite reader. I don't post much but I read all your posts. I want to try spirilizing and more healthy cooking. Do you have a favorite spirilizer?
Diane Hoey said…
I have a spiralizer and have made several zuchinni noodle dishes. I'm always amazed that people don't realize it's not pasta. My only issue is that the noodle release a lot of water and then water down the sauce. Has this happened to you? Any thoughts on how to avoid? Salt the zoodles first and let drain? Zoodles will be a new staple in our house as my daughter was just diagnosed with celiac disease. We'll be on a new culinary journey so thanks for the zoodle recipes.
Stacey Snacks said…
Mollie......I didn't commit yet to buying a spiralizer......I have no room to store another gadget! so I have been buying them premade.

Diane H......
I agree! My zucchini zoodles have been VERY wet, and I am not liking that. They release a lot of liquid.
Not sure how to remedy that, maybe salting them in a colander for 30 minutes prior might work.

Anonymous said…
That meal looks amazing, quick, colorful and tasty. I just bought a hand held spiralizer, I think I'll use it for the first time making this.
Anonymous said…
Sounds fun - thanks for the giveaway
NildaE said…
I used to follow you years ago and just did a search for Stacey from Summit, NJ food blog and I found you! (Happy dance)
I just started spiralizing and I really enjoy it.Already pinned your newest one. Thanks!
Carolyn said…
I had some spiralized noodles for the first time just last night at my daughter's house. She used the flatter attachment I guess. It looked like ruffled flowers! Delicious.
Anonymous said…
Maybe if I win the book, I'll be motivated to make some zoodles! Thanks for the opportunity.
Rebecca L
phoebegirl said…
A hint to all.... zoodle your zucchini noodles in advance and drain on some paper towels WITHOUT adding salt. They will render out a lot of excess moisture and not add to a higher salt content. Cook the zoodles at a high heat quickly, and separately from the dish/sauce you are making. (No longer than a minute or two. Add the zoodle noodles just before serving to the entire dish, basically just a re-heat. I've been doing it this way for a few years.
vossta said…
I have made zucchini noodles but I really need to expand my horizons and try some different veggies. I do love zucchini and have some growing in my garden this year so this would be great for some fresh cooking this summer.