Grilled Peaches w/ Yogurt, Almonds & Mint

Last week I bought a bushel of peaches at the farmer's market that just never ripened properly.
First batch of lousy peaches I have had this summer, the local Jersey peaches have been so good this year.

Instead of throwing them out, I decided to grill them, which is like roasting.
The heat softens them and brings out the sweetness and sugars in the fruit.

I scooped out a little more of the middle after removing the pits and laid the peaches in a grill pan with some coconut oil.

Let them sear for 5 minutes flesh side down, without disturbing them, then flip them over and cook 1 more minute on the skin side.

Let them completely cool before filling them with your favorite yogurt.

I spooned Dannon vanilla yogurt in the centers and decorated w/ sliced almonds and mint leaves.

A drizzle of honey just before serving.

These were AMAZING!
A great breakfast or even dessert!



Bebe said…
Our peaches have been heavenly. Not always the case, so I have been wary, expecting what you ran into, Stacey, or dry, wooly interiors. So far, so good. But this sounds like a great idea.

Mil said…
hmmmmm yummy.... they look GREAT!!
Now, all I need are the peaches and a grill.
Anonymous said…
Novel idea - grilled & topped like this, they look like persimmons!
Natalia said…
Holy moly! I made these the day you posted for dessert and everyone was grabbing seconds - yum!