Summer Random Bites

Here are some summer dinners/lunches that did not make the grade......meaning, I did not feel like writing out the recipe!

Sorry, I am a lazy blogger lately, it's summer.
Use your imagination.

An easy dinner of grilled salmon filets, with a side of watercress and sliced roasted yellow beets, served over sour cream dill sauce (see, I am giving you the recipe!).

A beautiful quinoa salad w/ blueberries, pickled cherries, roasted beets and walnuts, served on Brooklyn slate.

I took a big pan bagnat to the beach for the weekend. It lasted 3 days. The perfect beach food.
And though I am not in Nice, France, it still tasted good at the Jersey shore.

Recipe here.

I love food gifts.
IMUSA sent me some kitchen gadgets.

The first item is a lemon/lime juicer. It is sturdy and the best citrus juicer I have ever used!
The best 8 bucks you will ever spend. (Target also sells them).

Why not grill some sweet potato wedges?

Just make sure you cook the sweet potato first (boil, bake or microwave).
Slice into wedges and drizzle w/ olive oil, cumin, kosher salt & lime zest.

Grill about 2 minutes on each side.
So good!

My twist on amuse bouche.
Little bocconcini balls with red and yellow cherry tomato halves.

Held together with some basil pesto.

Serve on basil leaves.


Are you growing zucchini in your garden?
Well don't throw away the flowers, silly.

Stuff these delicacies with ricotta and herbs and lightly coat them in flour and fry............or make a frittata w/ eggs, ricotta cheese and herbs. Bake for 30 minutes and you have a lovely summer lunch or breakfast.

I am an honorary Italian.

I have so much kale in the garden this season, and I don't even like it that much!
Marie suggested making a kale pesto w/ roasted garlic and roasted chiles.


Enjoy summer while it lasts!


Natalia said…
Not only are your recipes fabulous (I've replicated many with accolades from my family), but colorful too! Can't wait to try these summer random bites. I'm so enjoying the vegetables and herbs from our garden & love using them in all my dishes.
I just love your pan bagnat with your perfect eggs, it looks so fresh, I think I'll make one tomorrow!
Mom said…
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Mom said…
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Mom said…
How do you hardboil your eggs? They are perfect. I have tried every method that I can find but I end up with raggedy looking eggs every time. They just won't peel properly. Do tell!
Gwen Watson said…
There are a lot of great fresh food options in summer. Many of these also make great snacks! I like to use fresh ingredients whenever they’re available.