So Good Brisket Tacos

I rarely eat red meat these days, but when I do, I make my 5 hour Easter/Passover low and slow brisket recipe.

It's so good the first night, but way better tomorrow.

If you make a 5 pounder, you will have leftovers for 3 days.

My usual leftover-brisket-go-to recipes are sandwiches on rye w/ mustard, or an amazing brisket chili, however, this time it would be brisket tacos.

Soft corn tortillas filled with the yummy fall apart meat, topped with pickled onions and avocado salsa.

What could be better?

Brisket Tacos:

soft corn tortillas
leftover cooked brisket recipe
ripe avocado, diced
kosher salt & lime juice
pinch of cumin
pickled onions (recipe here)
queso fresco and cilantro (optional)

I like soft taco shells. I heat them in a cast iron skillet with a little oil to crisp them up just a bit.

Make an avocado salsa w/ chopped avocado, kosher salt, cumin and lime juice. You can mash it if you like to make a guacamole. That's good too.

Pile on the avocado, then the warmed brisket, then top with the pickled onions.

Queso fresco (a Mexican white cheese) is a great garnish, along w/ fresh cilantro.

These are husband and kid friendly.


Natalia said…
Now I want dinner for breakfast! My husband will be thrilled if I make brisket (I usually stick with white meat and fish dishes). A must try in our household!
I gotta make your brisket and those tacos with the leftovers, sound amazing!
Karen T. said…
Looks so delicious! Thanks for the recipe!
Oh, Yum. Those tacos look delicious. I love brisket.
xo, Rosemary