Giving thanks tomorrow for so many things.

Thankful for having such good friends who listen, accept, never judge and most of all, put up with me.

Thankful for having health, most important, because then you can do anything. No excuses.

Thankful for having a terrific, supportive, loving husband (who is pretty handsome to boot).

Thankful for having a loving (but far from perfect!) family who I get to spend this holiday with (and I don't sugar coat it!).

Thankful for being able to prepare a beautiful meal and share it with my friends, family and readers everyday.

Thankful for being blessed with the ability to do something I love everyday, writing this blog, cooking and sharing my daily musings with you.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


PS this is my friend Rosemary's beautiful table setting............and that is my Gateau Breton (that sick, delicious apple cake with the salted caramel sauce), and no, they are not marijuana leaves garnishing the cake, but Japanese Maple leaves from my tree!


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Tracy S said…
thankful for your blog keeping me entertained during many slow days at work!! Happy Thanksgiving!
Toni said…
hehe, I thought they were red marijuana leaves!

have a happy thanksgiving Stacey, thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes with us everyday.

Your photos captured our gathering perfectly. That CAKE was the star of the evening. I give thanks for friends like you and Henry.
xo, Rosemary
Debby in Tacoma said…
Thankful for the essence of Stacey and your unselfish desire to add spunk to your reader's lives. I have followed you each and every day for over 4 years as I start my day. Best to you and Henry.
Stacey Snacks said…
Tracy & Debby, thank you! and a happy to you too!
xo Stacey
I so enjoy reading your blog Stacey. Thank you for being you.
Dena said…
Happy Thanksgiving! I truly love your blog. You make me look like a star many days a week with your great recipes including this morning when the Cranberry Cake email came. I sent my husband to the store at 7 am to get the cranberries. The cake is delicious!
Anonymous said…
I am thankful I found you by poking around on the net, many moons ago, looking for restaurants in Maplewood, and came upon your rave review of Arturo's. I've been loving your blog ever since! Happy & healthy to you and your handsome Henry.
AdriBarr said…
I always enjoy your beautiful and tempting posts. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Patsy said…
Hahaha! My eyes popped when I saw those leaves. Then I got to the end of the post and laughed out loud!
Thanks for YOU posting every day and making drinking coffee in the morning more fun.
Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for teaching and entertaining me every day.
You made me choke (up) early in the am. Thank you for the reminders of gratitude. Wishing you all a lovely holiday!
Lisa in Indy said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Stacey. Thank you for your daily day brighteners of yummy recipes and outrageous humor. And Happy Hanukah.
Terrah said…

I want to reach out and thank you for the photos and the recipes you post. I always feel that I'm gaining a cultural experience when I read your blog. Yet, you never talk down to your audience! That takes skill and most important, HEART!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
Stacey Snacks said…
Thank you!
Why would I ever talk down to someone who reads this blog? I'm just a home cook, like you!

Now, if you mispronounce something like "MAR-scapone", instead of MAS-CARPONE, then that's another story!

Happy Thanksgiving!
xo Stacey
SarahB said…
Ha ha ha!! the dreaded MARscapone and HARElooms. Thankful for your fabulous blog!!!