Fall Random Bites

It's officially fall.

I guess now I really have to put away my white jeans.

Time for Brussels sprouts, soups, butternut squash, apple picking and leaf peeping!

I made this unusual sounding fall pasta, but I highly recommend it.

Marissa Lippert's Pasta w/ Apples, Ricotta, Brown Butter & Sage.

It was sort of like a deconstructed noodle kugel!
(click here for the recipe)

Good Stuff:

I recently received a case (yes, a case!) of snacks to try.

These are my kind of snacks.
John Wm. Macy's Cheesesticks in every flavor!

These are scary addictive and delicious.
They are ALL natural, using only a few good ingredients.

We tried the Madagascar vanilla and the cinnamon variety with afternoon coffee, and the Sesame Gruyere cheese crisps made great little appetizers swiped with tomato jam and Gruyere cheese to go with wine.

Loved them. Thank you Mr. Macy!

Fall means date-nut loaves.
I made my first of many date-nut breads! This is the BEST and easiest cake/loaf to prepare, it has all healthy ingredients, made with only 1/4 cup of olive oil and orange zest.

So good! Make a loaf. Recipe here.

Good Eats and Drinks:

Finally made it over to ARIA Wine Bar in the West Village.
Loved this place.

The atmosphere is beautiful, with white tile counters with vintage plates and cheese boards.
Long farm tables piled high with tapas and cichetti.

Great wines by the glass, so many to choose from.

We enjoyed the amazing polpo (octopus salad), along with white asparagus, a poached egg and prosciutto.

Next came baby lamb chops and a little roast chicken..........all for about $10. a plate!

This is a very popular spot, and hard to get a seat, so go early on a Tuesday to guarantee a fun night, otherwise you will be left out in the cold!

and last, but not least, an MCG update:

Yes, we are still there. We still have a lot of kale, broccoli and our Romaine lettuce survived the frost (go figure!).
It's almost time to wind down the season and put the beds to bed (get it?).

I am not sure if we will be renewing our "contract" with the Militant Community Garden next year.

They have been sending emails that say "since we did not volunteer at their Halloween-hay ride-party-fright-night nonsense, and therefore, did not comply with the RULES, we may not be invited back to be gardeners".

It made me really think, do I WANT to be invited back? I may have to rethink the whole Sunday gardening thing and take up golf, or find somewhere else to plant my veggies.

I will keep you posted.


Happy November.

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Thanks for the Date Nut Bread recipe. I'll pin it so I can find it easily. Must bake.
xo, Rosemary
TheJimBar said…
http://www.budgetgolf.com Men's and Ladies clubs available....haha
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I can't believe you'd get kicked of the garden for not showing up to a hay ride/party. You are such good gardeners, you just have to keep it up somewhere - if not at this place - then another spot. Thanks for the recommendation for Aria, if I can ever get in there.
What? I can't believe they said that! Find somewhere else to garden, you guys had such a great garden this year and you cooked so much from it, those people need a life! Any way, I can testify to the date nut bread I make it all the time and we love it here!
Anonymous said…
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Natalia said…
I've been to Aria & also loved it! We were very sad when our favorite tapas & wine bar place (Bar Carrera) closed last year and when a friend suggested Aria we tried & loved it! We also had the asparagus with poached egg, which I thought was an interesting combo. One of the dishes I especially liked there were the cheese stuffed dates. I tried duplicating it at home, but it was missing something - will need to return to try again to remember the elusive ingredient I forgot.

Is the hay ride and party such a big deal at the garden? I'd think some people enjoy hay rides, and other don't - no big deal.. I'm sure no matter where you plant your garden, it'll be a success. Your recipes are so cool and original!
SarahB said…
I am NOT putting away my white jeans. Winter white, baby!
I do love your garden posts....no weeds??????? wow.

Take up fishing. It's highly addictive!!
Anonymous said…
I'm definitely going to make the bread/cake today. Yum!

Patsy said…
I'd vote for golf. After all, it's not about the ball. It's about the 19th hole with great wine and snacks. Right up your alley!
Anonymous said…
I tried the apple ricotta sage pasta last night!
Kate said…
wOw! Hayride control freaks holding gardening hostage. Now, there is a unique way to manipulate party participation.
Love to see your garden produce find it's way into your spring - fall meals.
Great post on roasting the red peppers. Taking the ribs and seeds out before roasting is such a good idea. The seeds are a nuisance after the peppers are roasted. The foil triick is brillant too.
Thanks, Stacey