Guacamole Stuffed Eggs

Here's a good idea for your summer BBQ's that's easy on the waistline.
No mayo (sorry Hellman's, not this time), and no egg yolk.

Also, these won't spoil in the heat!
It's a win win.

Everyone loves guacamole, and who doesn't love deviled eggs?

What to do with the cooked yolks? I threw mine away, because I didn't know what to do with them. Bad girl.

For 5 whole eggs (10 halves):

1 ripe avocado
sea salt
fresh lemon juice
pimenton (smoked paprika) or cumin
cilantro for the top (which I forgot to photograph)

Mash the avocado with a fork with some lemon juice and sea salt.

Spoon into hard boiled eggs, that have been halved (yolk discarded).

Sprinkle some pimenton on top and garnish w/ a cilantro leaf.



Susan..... said…
Use the yolks in your next salad dressing. Just whiz in a blender, they act like raw but no worries and yes you can freeze cooked egg yolks. Also good mixed in an Italian Salsa Verde to top a poached cold mussel salad.
Katie C said…
Now why does this make me think of Dr. eggs and ham? teehee
Anonymous said…
Use the egg yolks to make...tastes-like-chicken guacamole? teehee too.
Debby in Tacoma said…
Yum.... I love avocados...just had lunch 2 slices of "Sara Lee's 9 grain 45 calorie" per slice toast with avocado. Yummy and stay cool
California Sue said…
May I please have those spoons?
jp said…
Joni from Sunny FL.
May I also have those spoons?
Joanne said…
I literally JUST threw out some hard boiled eggs yesterday because it had been a few days and I had no idea what to do with them. Oy! Next time, they are getting guac'ed.
Natalia said…
What a novel idea - good protein (eggs) and good fat (avocado). LOVE avocadoes, although lately the ones I've been buying you have to eat rather quickly as they are very ripe. Definitely trying this recipe out.

My daughter made these for me but I think she used the yolk and mixed it all together.