Best Summer Appetizer: Watermelon w/ Feta & Balsamic

There's that balsamic syrup again.

I used to have to buy an inexpensive bottle of balsamic vinegar and boil it down to make my own syrup.

Now EVERYONE sells it.
Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Amazon, you name it.
I couldn't live without it.
It is very tasty and makes everything look pretty.

Especially here.

This is the EASIEST most refreshing appetizer this summer.

I cut up some seedless watermelon with a biscuit cutter and sprinkled the top with some feta cheese.

Just before serving, drizzle balsamic vinegar over the top and garnish with mint leaves.

The only bad thing about this pop in your mouth appetizer, is that you have to make and serve them right away, or they get watery.


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Anonymous said…
Happy to hear you're not dissin' my house brand - Trader Joe's. Works for me. I'm pretty liberal with ye olde balsamic glaze around here. Love it dotted, along with some hot sauce, on the hummus/grape tomato/cilantro/cracker bites that make up 68% of my daily calories in the summer. Still, I am a little shy about being on the trendy balsamic glaze wagon. In yesterday's FOOD52, there was a recipe for a galette w/peaches & lemon thyme and the glowing write-up was all gushy about an herby dessert that DIDN'T taste like soap. I read that as an admission that MOST herby desserts DO taste like soap, and I agree. Also featured, was a recipe for sweet corn ice cream. Only one thing to say 'bout that 'creation'. WHY?
Stacey Snacks said…

Knowing your sophisticated palate, I think you would LOVE corn ice cream.

The Bent Spoon in Princeton has it, and it is off the charts........even better than the corn pizza at Razza.

Regarding herbs and soap......hmmm, I know people who hate cilantro say it tastes like soap, but I love it, so don't have that "soap gene" hatred towards herbie desserts. Basil and lemon tart, thyme and rosemary w/ fig galette, you should know me by now.

Anonymous said…
... you're right, and to know you is to love you, Ms. Snacks <3. Another admission - I don't think my palette's all that sophisticated. My Wellesley alum magazine arrived in the mail this morning, and the intricacies of taste discussed by the cheese mongering gals featured in the cover story made me lose some of my appetite for breakfast. I'm a simple soul at heart. Happy rest of your Monday to you!
Stacey, I like this presentation a lot. When I've had this salad in a bowl it sogs out quickly. The medallions are not only beautiful, but a better way to enjoy this summer treat and curiously delicious combo. Thanks!
I love your biscuit cutter idea, the presentation is beautiful and the glaze takes it over the top, but then you know I'm a huge fan!
Joanne said…
I still haven't bought a bottle of that syrup but i really need to. These are the perfect summer bites!
Natalia said…
Wow - I love this recipe. Up to now I've tried a different watermelon recipe which has been a true hit in my family - chopped watermelon, chopped mint, sea salt, olive oil, squeezed lime and feta (optional).

I guess besides making rounds of the watermelon, one can also use other cookie cutter forms?

Can't wait to try this!