Mother's Day Tartines: Smoked Salmon w/ Avocado & Dill

What a nice combination.

Smoked fish w/ avocado. Who da thunk it?

The biggest challenge here is finding avocados that will be ripe for Sunday!

I like to use a nice whole grain bread for these, but you can use flatbreads if you like.

Toast up some whole grain bread and cut them in halves.

Not sure how many people you are having on Sunday, so can't tell you exact measurements.

Mash up some ripe avocado with a bit of fresh lemon juice and sea salt.

Spread on toasts and drape a nice piece of smoked salmon on top.

Garnish with dill and serve.


Anonymous said…
I've been having super good luck with avocados up here in Bergen County. Consuming them at quite a clip. Sending suave, buttery, green wishes down to Union County - happy Mother's Day, too!
Great idea Stacey and they are so pretty too. Any mother would be proud.
SarahB said…
I'm gonna get me some smoked salmon this weekend! Looks yummy!
Love smoked salmon, love avocado... these look fabulous! So simple and elegant and tasty!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Forget Mother's Day. If you want to be my honorary daughter, I'd be happy to enjoy some of these anytime.
Charulie said…
That would be really good on crostini, too. Yum!
Almost nothing would be better for breakfast!
I've been craving this smoked salmon I get with black pepper encrusted all around it. It would go perfect with your avocado swipe on toast. Yum!
Joanne said…
Now you've got me craving smoked salmon something fierce!!