Sandy Soup

Day 12.

Still no power, no heat and it snowed 6" yesterday. Ok, I have been patient, but this sucks.

Many of you nice readers have written suggesting I post "Sandy" recipes. Recipes for survival and what I am cooking with my gas stove.

Good idea, however, by now, my mood is pretty crappy. I have lost all interest in cooking dinner, and more so, EATING dinner in the dark.

Truth is: I have only been cooking eggs and pancakes on the stove for breakfast with fried toast, and lunches are consisting of any homemade stocks I have in my freezer (which has been attached to a small generator outside) with some canned beans, but it's warm and satisfying, and this is why I have so much stock in the freezer! For sick days and emergencies.

So, for shits and giggles, here is my Sandy Soup.

A delicious rich pork stock with lots of shredded pork leftover from some dish I made in July (notice the date).

Lit my stove with my BIC lighter, added a can of white beans, and everything is ok.

Have a safe weekend! Can't wait to be back into full gear. xo

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I really think you should both just jump on a plan and come and stay in Normandy until the whole Sandy/snowstorm thing is played out. We could have such fun and H could plan my garden for next year YAY!
I can not believe you are still without power. That sucks major time. I know.

I'm with Sharon - why don't you get out of town. Come down to Florida and stay with us or even better, take Sharon up on her offer of France.

Hope you have a French press coffee maker. At least you'll have coffee in the mornings. I'm crossing fingers and toes you get power soon. I would be going nuts...
Stacey Snacks said…
We checked into a NYC hotel last night for a few nights. I have a view of the Empire State bldg from my window and there is no snow here. Great food. Wifi. Heat and a hair dryer. Woo hoo!!!!
Stacey Snacks said…
However the France idea is very tempting!!! As is Florida!! Xo
Woo said…
Honey (yes, I'm a Southerner!) I've been thinking of you for two weeks and am sick for you. Here in Little Rock in 2000, we had the ice storm from hell and I was without power for 5 days - nothing compared to 12 (I was also newly widowed at age 47 - sucked). Anyway, I read your blog more than any other and LOVE your receipes and your writing - my new husband and I (and some lucky friends!) have had several great meals thanks to you. Glad you are at least in NYC now - hang in there.
Lori Lynn said…
So sorry for your situation. You are a trooper to post. Sandy soup sounds pretty good though. Thanks for sharing and keeping us up-to-date on things back there. Miserable!
Lauren said…
I have lived in New Orleans my entire life.
I know first hand how difficult this situation is.
My husband works for a major utility company and they just sent additional crews to join the ones already there.
Melodie Monberg said…
Ugh...we didn't have electricity for 4 hours and I thought my life was ending (which is funny as I grew up in Africa where we'd go DAYS without lights) totally commiserating with you.

BUT that soup looks amazing...that stock....I need to make homemade stock I am realizing!

Hang in there!
Christine said…
Okay, snow? Let's just add insult to injury. Good grief! I really hope you get some power soon. Glad you went to NYC to keep your sanity. Must say you're a real trooper to keep posting through all that. Stay well.
Unknown said…
Although I am quite sure you are having one of the most gourmet survival experiences around - I'm so sorry you still don't have heat & power. That totally sucks!
Joanne said…
I truly can't believe you still don't have power. That is just insane!!!
I hope you come back from the city with power and heat in your house, enough already!
Anonymous said…
Do you have a Trader Joe's left in one piece anywhere near you? And does it have power? If so the frozen flame-broiled meatballs are pretty good (golf-ball size) and heated in a jar of their TJ Rustico sauce (top of the stove, 20 minutes) and put over pasta they aren't bad. Trader Joe's soups in boxes are also excellent. (We like the tomato with sun dried tomato variety, but there are other interesting ones.) They keep on the shelf until opened.

Our pantry is our emergensy storehouse (we have occasional earthquakes out here) and I try to keep some ready to go products there for tough times or bad days.

This isn't much help, but other than prayers it is all I have to offer right now.
Oui Chef said…
I love how you're still cooking through this insanity, and with a sense of humor to boot. How great that you have a well stocked freezer to dip into. remember, whatever doesn't kill us makes us're gonna be like super-hero strong by the time this is over! - S
Anonymous said…
Fingers crossed for a bright and early Monday morning post Ms. Snacks!