Joseph Leonard NYC

Who is Joe Leonard? I don't have a clue, however, you must go to there.

Joseph Leonard is a homey little place in the West Village that serves great food in a great little space with super friendly service.

It's a tiny place, maybe 25 seats, close quarters, but you never feel crowded.
Everyone makes you feel right at home.

Amazing mushroom and anchovy salad for me, and frisee and lardons with a poached egg for the hubs. Love the huge jar of cornichons on the table (how many can you eat?).

Fried chicken with Brussels sprouts and mashed spuds for the big Hen, and for me (soon to be "big Sta"), a pork hock (is that the same thing as a shank?) with arugula salad. Silly, it was so good.


Carrot wedding cake, excellent, but the ricotta fritters w/ honey were the BEST thing ever. I can't even talk about them, they were so good.

Great bathroom. Open the medicine cabinet, and you are all set:

~Q-tips: cause I want to clean my ears after my meal.
~Altoids: Because they are "curiously strong".
~Cotton Balls: so I can take off my mascara before dessert.
~Toothpicks: so Henry can pick his teeth (gross).
~Napkins: to wipe your hands after you wash (FYI EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS).

I like the one special of the day: PIG'S HEAD. ok.

Another great spot in New York City.

It makes me feel young.

Joseph Leonard
170 Waverly Place
New York City 10014

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Stacey you SO make me want to fly to New York, love your posts
hope yo have something wonderful planned for the weekend
I want some honey fritters now! Looks wonderful. Happy weekend!
Mil said…

I am laughing out loud... hysterical!!! Love the medicine chest. Leave it to you - always with the camera!
No pig's head? Why? I'd love the picture of that dish.
Everything looked delish!!! You sure can pick 'em.

Anonymous said…
I love your restaurant posts.....makes me miss NYC so much. No vibe where I live in Florida. Everything is a chain type of restaurant. Chili's, Bonefish Grill, you get the picture.

That bathroom cabinet shot made my day! Have a great weekend. Too funny.
Anonymous said…
Big Hen, Big Sta, Big Ang - it's all good! Once again, I can't believe the amount of food you guys pack in and feel the need to plop sympathy alka-seltzers just reading about it all. Photo #3 - is that Big Hen's frisee/lardons/poached egg or your mushroom/anchovy salad? Hard to tell. If Joe Leonard actually exists, and gets wind of this review, he should comp your next meal.
kim said…
Joseph and Leonard were the owners grandfathers