Paris Door Knockers

You already know about the beautiful giant doors all over the city, but how about the antique door knockers and handles?

Each one at least 100 years old, and each one more beautiful than the next.

Knock knock, who's there?

I'll be home and back in the kitchen on Monday, so stay tuned for some new recipes!

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Kathy Walker said…
I love taking pictures of the doors when I travel in Europe! They are always unique...I especially enjoy it when they put the year constructed above the door. Your door knockers are really cool.
vicki archer said…
Hello Stacey...
I have just had a wonderful look through your blog... and your shots of Paris and Sharon's part of the world... it sounds like you have had a fantastic trip... so glad we are connected... xv
I love the one with the double dogs! Welcome home!!
Melbourne Girl said…
Your trip sounds and looks absolutely amazing!!
I love Paris and the south of France.
Great stuff!
Mollie said…
That snake one is great !!
tasteofbeirut said…
Love these door knockers especially in places like the Middle-East and North Africa where they used hands (Fatima) as a symbol.
Anonymous said…

Welcome home, enjoyed your posts!
Dennee LA
jelly andrews said…
The lion-shaped door knocker is so cool. I love it. It seems to suggest power and authority. And I guess it is also a great way to accessorize one’s door.