Paris Doors

Beauty surrounds you everywhere you turn here, especially the architecture.
The iron window railings, shutters and buildings are pieces of artwork.

Every building has a massive wooden door, some with elaborate carvings and in beautiful color pallettes. The door knockers are all original hardware dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

You could make a coffee table book just on the doors of Paris (I am sure that there is one out there!).

I will back in my New Jersey kitchen cooking on Tuesday and have some good ideas.

I think I will try a pain d'epice, as well as a duck cassoulet with the duck confit that I am smuggling in my luggage (didn't I learn my lesson from last year's duck

Au Revoir Paris! Until next year!
Thanks for checking out my blog posts from this beautiful city.

See you with some recipes mid week.



Anonymous said…
I loved reading about your adventures in Paris! I think of only food ALL day. Have a safe trip back.
Anonymous said…
You "educate" us.. as we vicariously live through your trip.
Lovely doors. Lovely food.
Lovely pictures.
Safe trip...
with love,
Thanks for the adventure! "See" you back home.
The JR said…
Wow, very pretty. I'd love one.

Kim said…
I enjoyed all your adventures in Paris. I hope you have a safe trip home. I'm looking forward to your recipes!!
Karen said…
I had a blast in Parish with you!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
All those doors in Paris are just wonderful. You can't beat all those centuries-old doors everywhere in Europe for charm, for security, for beauty. Hope you have a good re-entry to the states. Now get cooking and give us some of those great Parisian recipes!
Foodiewife said…
I'd better get my walking shoes together to work off the fabulous recipes you'll be posting.

What duck episode? Hmmm, I'll have to read our back postings and see if I can find it!

It goes so fast, doesn't it?
Curry St John said…
Beautiful doors photos! I love your Paris posts, and wanted to say that you don't need another suitcase to bring things home with you... consider going back out and buying what you want... and shipping it home! Not sure the cost, but at least you'd get what wanted to bring home. :)
Nancy said…
Can't wait for your return and subsequent new recipes. These doors are amazing!
Lori Lynn said…
I sure did enjoy the trip.
Welcome back.
French doors are beautiful, aren't they? I also love the shutters on the doors and the terraces. If we were younger, we'd live there. I'm so glad you have taken us along on your trip. We'd planned to go this year for my special birthday, but it got postponed. You've helped to make up for it. Merci beaucoup.
I love this! I am a chronic "door photographer" when I travel in Europe!
Anonymous said…
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