Heirloom Tomato Caprese Stacks w/ Fried Basil

To me, this dish symbolizes the best of summer.

There is nothing better, in my book of eats.

I used my beautiful delicious heirloom tomatoes to create a simple first course.

It's important to use only ripe, summer heirloom tomatoes, don't make this in December, unless you live in Australia!

I decided to fry the basil leaves to take some of the strong flavor out.

The crispy basil leaves gave the dish a nice crunch paired with the freshest made this morning, melt in your mouth mozzarella.


This gets the 5 star rating.

Heirloom Tomato Caprese Stacks w/ Fried Basil: (serves 4)

2 large balls of fresh mozzarella packed in water (2 slices of cheese per person)
4 large heirloom tomatoes (I used my Gary's Gold and All Meat variety)
a big bunch of basil leaves
GOOD olive oil (don't buy cheap stuff, splurge on a good bottle)
balsamic glaze (also known as balsamic syrup found at most gourmet shops and at Trader Joe's now)
sea salt (Maldon or Fleur de Sel)

Add a little olive oil to a nonstick pan and fry the basil leaves for about 30 seconds. They will be nice and crisp. Remove pan from the heat.

You will need 2 slices of cheese and 4 slices of tomato for each plate.

Start w/ 2 slices of tomato and lay a slice of mozzarella on top. Sprinkle with sea salt and lay a fried basil leaf or two on top.

Repeat the layers in a sort of lopsided tower arrangement. Make sure you sprinkle sea salt on each layer.

Just before serving, drizzle with some good olive oil and decorate plate with balsamic syrup.

This is summer at its BEST.

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Heirloom tomatoes are my favorite too and I can't get enough of them. Love your fried basil Stacey.
MIL said…
Lindsay said…
I am loving all of your summer posts using your fresh garden ingredients.....are you sure you aren't a vegetarian in disguise? :>
lisa is cooking said…
And, now I know to do with some basil leaves since I have several extra plants this year! Pretty drizzle of balsamic syrup too.
A beautiful picture, so beautiful I can (almost) taste it! Frying the basil does add a unique touch. I finally made my own balsamic glaze/syrup. Easy to do, especially since I always forget to buy it.
You're absolutely right, truly summer at its best and in a recipe perfectly simple and based on the great ingredients. My slicing Toms are about two weeks out, can't wait. In the cool Pacific NW, a big "Jersey" tomato won't even think about showing its color and ripeness until September. But I can wait!
Joanne said…
Honestly, I would be happy to eat caprese salad all day every day.