July Random Bites & Militant Garden Update

Sometimes I love being a tourist in NYC.
Finding a new place that you didn't know existed.

Holiday weekends are the best times to visit Manhattan, all the locals leave and you can usually get into a restaurant that is normally booked.

We found ourselves on the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel in their ooh la la tres chic bar, also known as the Boom Boom Room, with the BEST 360 degree views of Manhattan, amazing!

Even the bathrooms are floor to ceiling windows, so if you are modest, you'll have to hold it in and wait until you get home.

2 cocktails (and good ones, I might add), $50. Steep, but that's the price you pay for a room with a view.

Proper attire required.

Don't forget to make a platter of roasted peppers and top them with anchovies and capers.
They make your summer BBQ better. recipe here.

Put them on top of grilled chicken w/ some fresh mozzarella and call it Caprese Chicken (pretend you don't see the knockwurst in the backround, I never buy hot dogs, except for a rare treat on 4th of July).

Weekly winning appetizer:
Goat in a Coat. It's not what you're thinking.

It's a gorgeous triangle of warm goat cheese w/ a bread crumb coating. It comes with homemade warm flatbread with a whole head of gorgeous roasted garlic, tomato confit and micro greens.

Eaten at this restaurant at the Jersey Shore last week. YUM.

Militant Community Garden update: I am so over the beet situation. I have become a beet farmer instead of a gardener lately. I have given the lot away to a lucky recipient.

I have 5 little Sun Gold tomatoes this week! and beautiful red onions!

We planted 10 different varieties of tomatoes and they are coming up like gangbusters.

The first big ones to show their faces are Brandywine. Come August & September, you had better make friends w/ me, because I will have a lot to give away!

The scapes are also doing fun things in the garden, making themselves noticed, like shooting stars, kind of weird.

and of course, for your reading pleasure, here is my weekly email, which scared me a bit. I have a feeling someone is looking for ME!

"On a down note, we are having problems again with the possible trespasser from earlier in the year. Please DO NOT give out any information on any other gardeners to any person unknown to you. Not a phone number, email address or any information about any ones plot. Do not identify any person in the garden with any plot number.

If you feel that there is someone in the community garden that should not be there and he cannot be identified as a plot owner, a plot owners guest or a giving garden volunteer, contact local law enforcement."

What the hell is going on here???????

Happy July!

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Bluebird NY said…
Your garden looks amazing! Do you eat the beet greens? We love them sauteed in olive oil and garlic.
The JR said…
Those emails trying to scare you to death....

50 bucks for 2 drinks.....yikes
Ha ha, are these people for real? hilarious!
Your garden looks beautiful, you both have a green thumb, with all this extreme heat we're having our garden seems stunted in growth, I have to go out and water right now.
Can I just say, that view is totally worth the 50 bucks for drinks!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Oh how funny you are - re:hot dogs "don't look" and bathroom "hold it in" comments! Christina just had dinner/drinks at the Standard and gave me the full report too. You are Henry sure know how to have a good time. That goat in a coat looks like a really nice appetizer Stacey. Your crazy garden continues to get crazier. What a great crop of beets and tomatoes you have.
My head is spinning. From the city to your cookout to the garden to the shore all in one post. I'm dizzy and so are you :)
Please put me on your tomato list for August.
xo, Rosemary
Sandra said…
I love the shot of you in the bathroom! too funny. Have a great weekend, stay cool!
Anonymous said…
You're garden looks great! As founder and former manager of a community garden, that email looks spot on, unfortunately. From time to time, we've had thieves helping themselves to our gardeners veggies, and someone even jumped the fence and stole one of our wheelbarrows! :(
Carole said…
Your garden looks amazing.

Who knew that community gardens could be so dangerous!?!
Christine said…
Always enjoy the missives from the militant gardeners...they're so funny! Your garden's looking fabulous...great job. Glad you had a mini NYC vacation, great views!
Ann from Illinois said…
I want to know what's going on in Jersey!
Narde Banks said…
I am glad I found your site. Having recieved your first email this morning I enjoyed it and read it through. That was a scarey message from the CG authorities, right, LOL ~ Geeez. Thanks for the NY share too. Happy to be here.
Dear Plot Owner....!!! Gracious sakes. Wish I lived closer as I'd love some of those beets. You both look fabulous in Manhattan!! Our summer is finally here....all is growing.
Eileen said…
Your garden is beautiful. Right now we're battling Japanese Beetles. By eating the leaves, they can cause the grape leaves to turn to dust. They don't seem to harm the grapes or the rhubarb, but the leaves of both look awful.