More 4th of July Menu Ideas

If you are having a crowd for the 4th of July and need some menu ideas, scroll down and see what I usually serve.

My Famous Stuffed Cheese Bread:

Giada's Easy Summer Orzo Salad:

Mozzarella & Roasted Pepper Bites:

A little unconventional, but everyone loved this last 4th: Watermelon & Tomato Salad w/ Olives and Feta.

All the boys love my Sausage & Peppers for Dummies:

The BEST Grilled Corn & Asparagus Salad:

and what would the 4th be without my Classic Potato Salad?

More recipes to come this week.
Have a fun weekend!

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I love that watermelon salad.
Lori Lynn said…
With that spread, I bet your party is packed to the gills.
Happy Birthday America!
The Food Hunter said…
you always have such yummy ideas!
Christine said…
So perfect for the weekend. I'm going to start off with the Orzo salad to accompany the sausage and peppers. I'll be using freshly made bratwurst from the German deli a few suburbs over. I can taste them now...mmm!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
three words: Can I come?
Anonymous said…
Sorry, but only a non-eyetalian cook would leave out onions (lots of 'em) and garlic (lots of it) from the misleadingly entitled classic Snausages and Peppers. But I'd never call you a dummy, Ms. Snacks.
Stacey Snacks said…
If you read the original link to the recipe, I use plenty of garlic and plenty of onions.
Every dummy knows that!
These are perfect for summer time and the heat wave we're having.

I've always gotten rave reviews on your watermelon and feta salad. How did I miss this one with the tomatoes (and me who loves tomatoes more than almost anything!) Can't wait to try it.

Hope you've avoided all of those nasty storms and have a happy 4th. We're having a heatwave in the mountains and that almost never happens.
Oh boy, the sausage for dummies and the asparagus and corn have me bobbing my head! Must tell you I "harvested" a round of your stuffed bread - the one with the cream cheese - left over from Christmas. It was still divine from the freezer, and not even wrapped that well. Happy Holiday Stacey!!
Eileen said…
Am I invited?? What a great menu. I love the peppers and mozzarella -- wonderful presentation.
4 words, "Can I come too?"
giff said…
that's a hell of a spread. delish