Sausage & Peppers for Dummies

I hope I don't offend anyone by saying this, but if you need a recipe for sausage and peppers, then you may as well hang up your apron!

It is just that: Sausage AND Peppers. Get it?

I always make this for a summer party, because the guys seem to love it.
Some people say I make this dish better than their wife does, but his name will remain anonymous, so as to not have his tongue cut out (sounds like I run with a rough crowd, doesn't it?).

OK, dummies (I say this with great affection, of course), start with the best sausage you can find. I only buy my sausages, hot or sweet, at the Italian butcher, or in the summer at the farmers' market from Vacchiano Farms. They are all natural, made with fennel and other spices. Delicious and NO NITRATES like the supermarket stuff (yuck).
I like to grill my sausages on the grill, this is a personal preference. Many people do them on the stove with the peppers & onions. I like the grilled taste.
Cut your sausages in half, and watch that they don't burn on the grill, I cook them on a medium flame, and keep turning them.

Cut your bell peppers into thick slices (I use a mixture of red, yellow & green), and saute them in olive oil in a heavy skillet with sliced onions. Now how hard is that? I add a few cloves of garlic, and a ladle full of tomato sauce, because the husband likes tomato sauce in his sausage & peppers.
That's it.

Now, put your grilled snausages together with the peppers in a baking dish. You are now ready to serve them!
You can make this a day ahead and cover w/ foil and reheat in the oven.
Now how easy was that?


This is exactly how I like sausage and peppers. I think I might go to the Amish farmers market today and get some. They have good turkey sausage too.
SarahB said…
yum! love it! have you ever done Lidia's sausage, chicken thighs and potatoes? It's one of my favorite "throw it in the oven" meals...
Stacey Snacks said…
I want that recipe! Perfect winter comfort food. I live Lidia B. which cookbook is it in?
I will find it!
Thanks, Stace
krysta said…
love sausage and peppers... one of my favorite meals!
Nice Stacey!! We always have sausage and peppers at all our parties! Yours look terrific!
stobias said…
Hi Stacey: Just wanted you to know that this your sausage and peppers and my husband loved it....He asked me if we can have it again this weekend....Thanks for all the Great recipes....Love your blog...
Anonymous said…
Did anyone else notice the sly little word..sNausages?? Perhaps just me. Others might have thought that was a typo. I loved it..

Guess who..?
Anonymous said…
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