What's for Lunch? Kale & Spinach Salad w/ Pickled Eggs, of course

You do know about my fascination for pickling things by now, don't you? (onions, eggs, carrots, grapes, the possibilities are endless).

I pickle hard boiled eggs as much as possible. They become sweet and pretty and look so nice in spring salads.

Here I soaked some eggs in beet juice (from the jar) for 15 minutes, just enough time to make the outside a pretty pink color.

Then I mixed some baby spinach with chopped kale.
Added some warm bacon pieces and red onion shavings. I made a simple honey mustard vinaigrette w/ red wine vinegar, honey mustard and olive oil.

I served the eggs and bacon still warm on the salad and lunch was good.

The End.

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Anonymous said…
On mange avec les yeux. Nothing compares with the heavenly shade of purple-y pink you get from a beet. My favorite way to eat the hue is those turnip pickles served in Middle Eastern and Israeli resaurants. Ever try massaging your kale beforehand? Makes a big difference.
Anonymous said…
Massage your kale????????? Wow!!!
Who knew? And what happens?
Hmmm, massage kale? I'll google it! Love your salad, can't wait to get my kale growing in the garden.
Stacey Snacks said…
OK, so I was curious too.....there are a ton of recipes for "massaged kale", which supposedly makes the greens more tender.

Here is one that sounds good:

PS I love that Anonymous commenter, she always has something informative to say!

SarahB said…
I was going to ask whether or not the kale was tender. I have only had it raw when it was shredded in a brussels sprout salad.
This looks great. I've never had pickled eggs and I love a lot of pickled foods. Must give this a try!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
My kale seeds have germinated and are starting to peep through the soil. The pickled eggs harken back to my childhood and look so pretty in this salad.
The JR said…
Very pretty. I roasted kale and have found a new treat.

This looks good.
Joanne said…
Those pretty-in-pink eggs are such a great idea! I've been craving kale pretty intensely and this salad sounds perfect to satisfy!