Paris: The Yogurt Aisle

First order of business when I arrived in Paris yesterday. Buy the yogurt.

The yogurt aisle at the supermarché will blow your mind.
Look at this photo and multiply it by 4 and that will give you an idea of how many choices there are.

In France, yogurt is a serious thing. Forget the skim milk and fake sugar, nutrasweet, and fake fruit flavor crap, this is the real deal.

Full fat and full flavor.

I have spoken about my favorite French yogurt in the past, and I will speak about it again.
It's what I eat here every a.m. for breakfast and a snack. It's like eating ice cream but with live cultures. Decadent and delicious (and healthy?).

I look for the stuff in the reusable clay pots and come home with a bunch of empty ones, thinking that some day I will use them for something!

Forget the Greek stuff; the drinkable stuff; the 0% fat stuff (which is fine, except when on vacation).

Did you know Dannon is really the Danone Co. in France?

Oui, it's true.

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Bluebird NY said…
The packaging is beautiful! Wouldn't it be nice if we could get real yogurt in reusable clay pots?
Ciao Chow Linda said…
While the yogurt sounds great (and I have my favorite in Italy too that tastes decadent), how can you resist the croissants and bread? More power to you for finding room in your luggage for the ceramic pots. I know you'll find a good use for them, if only for flowers.
The JR said…
Too bad we can't get it here.
Oui Chef said…
I too remember the lovely blue crock of La Fermiere yogurt....I am SO JEALOUS!
Joanne said…
There's no point in eating lowfat when you're on vacation. Plus...French women don't GET fat...and perhaps it's because of that yogurt!
What a line up in the market! You are so good. I'd be eating bread, butter and jam for breakfast. Or a left over tart from the night before.

I once watched how French women eat. They consume all the good stuff, just small portions. Me? I love the plates overflowing....have fun
Why don't we have that here? and when do you eat all those lusious breads and croissants? I need to read that book what French women eat, I'm obviously doing something wrong!