Paris: It's all about the food

So, what have I been eating all week?

Cheese, heavy cream, tarts, quiches, duck confit, lots of potatoes in duck fat, tons of bread swiped with either butter or the best French blue cheese and an occasional salade with those special lentils du puy.

Red wine only, since France is not a cocktail culture.

I don't think I have gained an ounce, because we walk everywhere. 6 hours a day, all over the city. I guess the exercise thing really does work.

I start my morning everyday with a yogurt that I found last year while here called La Fermiere.

It is the most unbelievable tasting yogurt packaged in a clay pot. Last year it was in a terracotta pot, this year it's in a blue glazed pot.

What makes it taste so good? If you know, please tell me.

We visited the famous Pierre Herme bakery yesterday, which was hard to find, since their window looks like a jewelry store, not a bakery.
Just look for the line outside their door.

But, even better is Gerard Mulot. They have the most gorgeous selection of cakes, pastries, breads, all kinds of tarts in puff pastry with savory fillings and a section devoted to fine chocolates. I start to shake when I walk in. It's overwhelming.

I would say it's my favorite boulangerie/patisserie in the city and I have tried many.

Next, is my husband's addiction to duck confit. Sometimes it comes on a wooden planche (plank), and always with fried potatoes and a side salad. He orders it almost every bistro meal out.

We never eat at fancy Michelin rated restaurants while in Paris.
Not only do we not want to spend the $300 price tag, but because we live so close to NYC, we can eat the same, if not better cuisine. Therefore, we only eat in local neighborhood restaurants serving traditional French fare. Dinner with a bottle of great wine is about $80. U.S. including tip.
We have never gone wrong.


Ciao Chow Linda said…
Those cakes, those pastries, that food - it's all so fabulous. I didn't know Henry was such the duck confit lover. Is that a smoked salmon platter I see beside it? Is that low-cal dish to make up for all the desserts?
VeggieGirl said…
Ahhh, love the desserts! :)
I would gain so much weight, I'd have to take an ocean liner back home!

kat said…
I'm with your husband, it would be duck confit for me every meal!
What fun to experience your trip! And, "just red wine" is not too painful!
I'm shaking just looking at all those beautiful desserts! It would be so hard to choose, I'd want to taste everything! Thank goodness you could walk it all off. Have fun you two!
Dana said…
It's great that you have perspective on what and where to eat while you are there. I have had much better meals in NYC than in Paris. The best meals have been the cheap ones (like the felafel.)
Nancy said…
Sounds fabulous! I agree with the expensive vs neighborhood style of dining. In my experience, very few really expensive meals are worth it. I can feel just as satisfied with good cooking minus the pomp and circumstance.
lisa said…
Stacey-- You must be having a great time! The duck confit and potatoes sounds divine.
Karen said…
OMG, those pastries are works of art, but I'll take the duck confit over any of those any day! YUM!
Steven Dunn said…
Stacey - I am so jealous that you are in Paris! I lived there for two years and miss it almost every day. I too ate like a crazed person and ended up coming home weighing less than when I moved there....c'est magie. Have a great trip!
So here I sit, at my work computer, longingly reading all of your beautiful blog photos to a place I only dream of visiting. You and Henry look like a beautiful couple enjoying the City of Lights. One day, I will make it there with a list of all these places.
What sensory overload to see that many beautiful confections. Oooh la la!
Vidya said…
Oh wow. I'm going to Paris for 6 weeks at the end of the year and now I'm scared, I know I can't control myself around falafel and strudel and chocolates and salted butter caramels and macarons...oh dear.
Kim said…
I can appreciate your excitement in the pastry shops. I think I would be filled with that same excitement all over Paris. Love the pic of you two!
Anonymous said…
I think we sat on the same two green chairs! I love Paris, and your blog brings it home to me. Thank you Stacey.
chilipepper said…
I second the duck confit!
Amy B said…
We actually have a restaurant in Portland, Me called Duck Fat. They have the best french fries! Come on up sometime, when you get back to the US. We also have a great used cookbook store called Rabelus.
Lori Lynn said…
Happy New Year Stacey!
Colloquial Cook said…
How amazing do those pictures look... I haven't been baking since I've been in my new flat! Too much going on! Mulot and Hermé wouldn't be impressed :-)
Jane said…
Looks like you really had some great Paris adventure. Oh my, I love those pastries. They look so tempting and yummy. Thanks for sharing this. Good luck and more travels to come for you. By the way, I found a fantastic Paris adventure that might interest you too. Thanks and have a wonderful day!
Anonymous said…
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Mollie said…
Gosh, I love yogurt. I wish I knew where to buy the French ones. No place here in San diego that I have found to buy such treats.