Leftovers: Orzo w/ Chicken, Artichokes & Pesto

I almost didn't post this, because this is really just a meal made from leftovers.

Those seem to be the best kind lately.
I love making a pork tenderloin, then having pork sesame noodles the next night. A roast chicken turns into great chicken salad sandwiches the next day, and a brisket becomes my favorite brisket chili.

I made those wonderful stuffed artichokes and had some leftover grilled chicken breasts from last night's dinner.

Cut up some leftover cooked chicken & artichokes and toss them with slivers of sun dried tomatoes and orzo. Spoon some prepared basil pesto on top and dinner for tonight is served.


angicoock said…
Ricetta legera e salutare.
The JR said…
Your leftovers looks better than some of my leftovers.
Anonymous said…
Fairytales do come true! Greetings from Italy. They spell funny over there, let's blame Berlusconi.
oui, Chef said…
Leftover salads are among my favorite things to eat, I love how they are a little different every time you make them. Great flavors and textures you have here, I have some farro that I may make this with for lunch today! - S
Kathy Walker said…
This is a great way to use leftovers. I am glad that you posted it!
I love orzo! You just reminded me of the Greek style grilled shrimp one that I'm obsessed with!
The Food Hunter said…
I love finding new recipes for orzo. Thanks for sharing this one.