Football Brownies with a Kick (& Winners)

I am not a football fan, and probably won't even be watching the game tomorrow, but we were invited to a Super Bowl party and I was asked to bring an appetizer & a dessert (see yesterday's post for the appetizer!).

How cute are these? I am not a hokey theme kind of person (at least I thought I wasn't), but maybe there is a Valentine's Day heart shaped cake in my future.

Make your favorite brownie recipe, here is mine, and for an extra kick, I added a tablespoon of ground espresso powder (might not be great for the kids if you worry about caffeine) to the batter.

Bake accordingly and wait until the brownies are fully cool before cutting and decorating.

Because I don't have a football shaped cookie cutter, I cut these freehand into little football shapes! I made a paper football mold and cut around the paper.

Here's the fun part.

Duncan Hines sent me some of their Amazing Glazes to try, so this was the perfect opportunity to give them a squeeze.

I had my 6 year old niece help me decorate each little football w/ some of their vanilla glaze icing to create stitching, and voila! The perfect Super Bowl Sunday dessert! Just squeeze and go!

Have fun and enjoy the game!

On another note: may I add one more pet peeve that I forgot about from Monday's post?
(of course I can, it's my blog!).

#8. When you go to a bar to eat (or drink) and there is no hook underneath to attach my purse. Most bars realize their female patrons like to have their handbag secured underneath the bar, instead of slung on the back of a chair (or stool).

Ok, now that I got that off my chest........

The 2 random winners of the Pet Peeves post are (drum roll please):

Franco, "who doesn't like mispronounced words like BRUSCHETTA (it's BruSKETTA) or BRY cheese". Hey Franco, I am right there with you! and Randi Lynne, formerly a picky eater, who doesn't like people who won't try new things! Go Randi!

Please email me with your information so you can receive The Heart of the Artichoke book.


Stacey, these are precious if one can call little footballs precious.
mil said…

How adorable!! You are toooooo clever. Love them.
Moose said…
Brownies is one of my specialties and one of the few things I'll still make when I feel up to fighting with the oven. Your favorite recipe is pretty close to mine, except I rarely use nuts.

A couple hundred years ago, when I used to bake regularly, I started experimenting with throwing various things in. I've tried
- instant coffee
- peanut butter
- peanuts
- peanut butter flavored "chips"
(what can I say, it was long before the OMG PEANUT ALLERGY! Panic.)
- the Toffee 'chips' you find in the baking aisle with the baking chocolate; they're fantastic but so sweet you need to cut back the sugar in the main recipe by about 1/4 cup
- bananas
- rum

& probably other things I'm forgetting probably because they were disasters.

But my #1 secret is... a tablespoon of *instant* chocolate pudding mix. Really gives a nice moistness.
Joanne said…
These are so cute Stacey! I am not usually one for kitschy desserts either, but brownies are brownies even when they are football shaped!
StaceyEsq said…
Stace -- Did you know you can purchase a "hook" that hangs on the corner of a table on which you can hang your purse? My MIL bought me one! Super convenient! Enjoy your weekend -- The Other Stace
SarahB said…
Martha, I love them!
Very cute...I was deciding between those and what I ended up making...can't go wrong with cookies or brownies, right? :)
Steve said…
This is a new side to you. So crafty, artsy. I like it. We're having a houseful of German exchange students tomorrow. We will be watching the game. I'm going for classic white trash with smoked brisket, ribs, potato salad, queso, armadillo eggs. Oh, and the dessert is iconic 4 Layer Chocolate Ice Box Dessert. Touchdown!
You're getting so "Martha" Stace!
Claudia said…
I won't watch the Game (they call me in for the commercials) but I will eat your brownies - no matter what shape you devise.
tasteofbeirut said…
I would be watching these brownies disappear and totally ignore the game!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Just got back from watching the game, eating too much food,(and a traffic ticket on the way home arghhh!) but there would have been room for a yummy dessert like this with the football theme.
The JR said…
Don't do football....

Congrats to your winners.