Food Pet Peeves & A Giveaway!

It's just one of those days. The last day of January and another winter snow covered Monday. It feels like Groundhog Day (which is actually Wednesday!).
No recipe to post, I'm just in the mood to complain.

I've been keeping a list of my food pet peeves, and I think today is the day that I will share them with you along with a great giveaway! (see, I am not that bitchy!).

Peeve #1. (and probably my biggest one). When a menu has a misspelled word or typo.

The word I see most often misspelled on a menu is MESCALINE salad. Mescaline is a hallucinogen, and I don't want to eat it with a vinaigrette. I want to eat a MESCLUN salad.
I have seen this numerous times, and it makes me not want to eat in the restaurant, though I always giggle.
(PS last week I saw BROCOLLI and COLLIFLOWER on a menu of a well known farm to fork restaurant! Isn't BRO-COLLI a bacteria you get from your brother?)

Peeve #2: Reheated pizza.
When you go in for a slice (and I live in NJ/NYC area, the BEST pizza around) and they give you a reheated slice that has been sitting there for hours.
Tastes like cardboard with some grease on top. Should be illegal.

When a commenter on my blog has something negative to say and they sign it ANONYMOUS.
Just sign your name at the bottom of the comment, what you are you afraid of? Chicken.

That goes for emails that I receive that read "I can't print your recipe" " or "How many portions does this serve?". How about starting the email with HELLO, PLEASE and ending it with a THANK YOU and maybe your first name. (no one will write to me ever again after this one!).

Peeve #4. When I am making a pasta dish that requires a cup of the pasta cooking liquid (to thicken the sauce), and I drain the pasta, forgetting to save the water! BAH!

Peeve #5. I have 3 friends and one brother, who insist on using HOT SAUCE or ask for a salt shaker before having tasted the food! When I yell at them, they say that "they are addicted to it!".

Peeve #6. Dirty restaurant bathrooms.
No soap in the dispenser and paper towels on the floor. This is an indication of a poor establishment, I don't care how good the food is.

Peeve #7. When someone invites you to dinner for 7:00 and doesn't start to serve the meal until 10:00 pm.
Can I take my dessert to go?

Tell us your food pet peeves and 2 random winners will win a copy of Heart of The Artichoke, the new cookbook by Chez Panisse chef David Tanis.

*and please don't sign in as Anonymous, without at least leaving your first name at the end of your comment! Then I can't find you!

Winners will be announced on Saturday.


The Food Hunter said…
This is great...I'm with you on all of these especially the adding salt before even tasting. And it drives me crazy when people ask for butter for their bread when I'm serving it with olive oil. Great giveaway...I've had my eye on this book.
Steve said…
Great list. I'm with you on all of them. How about when you're served and you thank the waiter. And then you get "no problem." Ahhhhhhh. I certainly hope it wasn't a problem that I came to your restaurant to spend money. What ever happened to "you're welcome" or "my pleasure?"
jolie said…
I love food and cant live without it. My biggest pet peeves are the following...
1. fake plants in a restaurant that are covered with a film of dust -i lose my appetite
2.when you order your food and it comes out cold or luke warm such as french fries and soup.
then you have to send it back and hope they dont spit on it!
3.when you are with a group and they bring the food out to one person at a time, but the time the last person gets their food, your
food is already cold.
Swain said…
LOVE #4 because I only recently discovered the power and magic of reserving the pasta cooking liquid (I'm often late to these kinds of parties).

My peeve is discovering I am out of an essential ingredient...when I have JUST come home from the grocery store. The flipside of this is coming home from the grocery store with 2-3 boxes of ______, thinking I'm so clever and efficient, and discovering I already have 4-5 boxes of _______ stored downstairs.
Bluebird NY said…
I'm with you on all of your's my restaurant rant for the day: young kids running around an expensive restaurant and parents are they think we're all there to babysit! Another one that drives us crazy is when everyone is eating and one person has finished, usually my husband, and the busboy/waiter takes away the plate...and then proceeds to so as each person is finished. It's unnerving and those who are slower start to feel pressured...not relaxing!
This one is totally my fault. Pulling something from my fridge or vegetable-fruit baskets to find that I waited too long. The items are no longer usable (moldy, shriveled, sour, slimy... isn't that awful?) Then a horrible feeling of guilt overcomes me because I was raised to "waste nothing".
Stephanie said…
You have a great blog.

My pet peeve is when restaurants surprisingly substitute items for something that you ordered. "Oh, is this the sweet potato rosti?" "No, we were out, so that's some potato hash..." Please tell me ahead of time so I can decide if I still want the dish...
Stephanie said…
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Judi said…
Oh My Gosh! I have been a lurker for so long, but had to comment on this post. I may be a little bitchy too, but I agree with each one. Let me add number 8 for you. When you invite family to your house for dinner (usually holiday) and you tell them you are EATING at 7:00p and they still show up at 7:30 - 7:45, 8:00... Who cares, lets go shopping first... It sends me over!
mil said…

What a great post. Your readers/followers/fans' comments are all sooooooooo true!
I think my biggest gripe, not only in a restaurant, but anywhere, is "no problem". No, THE most annoying is "how are you guys?" I AM NOT A GUY!!! How about "Good evening"... or "Welcome"?
Very entertaining reading this morning.
Anonymous said…
I'm with you on all of those, especially #1. I often throw away resumes for that reason. If you don't care enough to make sure your resume has correct spelling, why would I think you would care about the job?!? I'll add to yours ...
1) TV chefs who insist nobody uses enough salt. Not everything has to be salty to be flavorful - not to mention giving your guests high BP!
2) Restaurants that float a gallon of dressing at the bottom of your salad.
3) Receiving an app at a restaurant with "meatballs" that I immediately recognized as lamb without that having been indicated (tons of people are skeeved by lamb - not me, just sayin).
4) Stores that only sell herbs in 50 gallon drums that can't possibly be fresh by the time you get to the bottom. I understand some things are used more frequently/universally, but random spices?!?
5) Free soda refills are nice, but ask before bringing me the 4th, 5th, 6th...I don't want to waste what they bring me, but I don't want to float home either!
6) Bloggers who post contests and say they'll pick a winner on a certain day then don't - or the next day, or the next. Sigh ...
Anonymous said…
Stacey, please know that some people are anonymous because they're just shy.
Janet said…
Good morning... I'm in the Midwest and we are in winter snow mode right now so I am in the mood to complain as well. My biggest pet peeve is when you have guests over for dinner and they begin eating before I (the cook) sit down at the table. Whatever happened to no one eats until everyone is sitting at the table?!?!
SueZ said…
Love your blog...I visit everyday!

My pet peeve is people who say, "I won't eat...or I don't like"...whatever it is I'm serving, without ever even trying it.

Like people who won't eat vegetables 'cause maybe as a kid they ate mushy canned beans, but to NEVER eat vegetables? That's just so wrong!
PaigeATL said…
Hi Stacey - you know how much I love your blog! I just won a gift so thank you! But I wanted to post - am getting ready for Super Bowl (even though our beloved Saints are not playing) and will be making your Big Red Brisket Chili and Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries!!! My pet peeve is general bad service in a restaurant especially being rushed and when then entree comes while you are still eating your appetizer. And that my husband doesn't like to do go out as much as me! Thanks again!
Elizabeth said…
I'm with you on the salt - my other pet peeves are when the server asks if you're "still workin' on that" and when people don't put their napkins on their laps while eating.
The JR said…
I get peeved about fast service and an extremely slow check. When I'm ready to go, I don't want to wait on somebody.

Another thing that hacks me off is to ask for something prepared in a specific way such as NO MAYO on a burger and for it to arrive with it on it.

Stacey, I want to add a pet peeve of mine regarding comments. If a person with multiple blogs leaves a comment it would be nice to know which of their blogs to use to leave a return comment without having to search through all of them. I wish the comments link went directly to the blog without landing on the profile page first. This can be done if you comment using NAME/URL but there will be no picture icon.
Unknown said…
Hi, been following your blog for a year, very entertaining and some great cake recipes.
Pet peeves:
1. People who are unwilling to try new foods.
2. People who only eat processed foods.

LaDue & Crew said…
Funny to see how many if us have these pet peeves!

I hate when you ask for chives and you're brought the largest tops off a discarded green onion, just chopped fine to try and disguise.

Or when I order my bagel, lox, and cream cheese, and the brat behind the counter- who's never lived a day in her life outside of Phoenix- insists on correcting me & calling it "schmear". Just give me my damn bagel.

Great post, Stacey ;)
Stacey Snacks said…
I don't mind "shy" anonymous commenters, it's the RUDE commenters that don't sign their name that peeves me.

Unknown said…
I LOVE this list!!! And I HATE when people pronounce mascarpone as MARSCAPONE (and many celebrity chefs do it!) I also hate when people say "shrimps" even though I know it is recognized as correct plural of the word.
kat said…
Rude service is my #1 peeve, I truly believe the service can often make or break a meal even if the food it great.

My second is truffle oil in everything! Aren't we over that yet?!
Anonymous said…
People who accept a dinner invitation, then tell you when they arrive about their food allergies or dislikes. A little late, don't ya think?

Franco said…
My peeve is mispronounced words in a restaurant by the server. I know in the US people say "BruSHetta", not "BRUSKETTA" (correct pronunciation), and that's ok, cause most people are not Italian, but things like BRY cheese (instead of Brie!) huh? Please learn to pronounce the specials if you are going to serve them!
Sarah said…
Ah. Such a good post for a Monday. What pisses me off?
1) inviting people over for a dinner party, where I ask before I even plan the menu for allergies, etc. . . only to make a million dishes and spend over $100 just to have one guest show up with her unannounced vegan boyfriend.
2) Feeling obligated to tip on terrible service, because the restaurant added 18% gratuity to my check. I'm more than happy to tip 20%, but when the service is horrid and I'm forced to tip more than the person deserves, I get very fired up.

Maybe that's it today! Cheers :)
Susan said…
One of my pet peeves is when "supposed" cooking authorities on supposed cooking shows, for example...who should know better... mispronounce words.ESPECIALLY the word mascarpone. They always want to put the R in the beginning and leave it off at the end! Like maRscapone! Ugh!
Anonymous said…
Great! So I can keep on comparing your sage leaf bottomed muffins to Louboutins, inquiring (nicely)about your weight apres Paris, and giving you tips on supreme-ing blood oranges, etc., ANONYMOUSLY! I really enjoy your blog and who knows, may one day come clean with a name, rank & serial number!
Mandy said…
Love your blog, Stacey!

Here's what drives me nuts- when I visit a blog or cooking website that allows you to give a recipe a rating and commenters will rate a recipe 5 stars after they've made 15 substitutions or changes. No! While I like reading suggestions from people who've tried it, I want to know what the original recipe rates not what it would be if I changed this, that, and the other.
Anonymous said…
Stacey: Probably the most annoying situation was when the waitress was in the middle of taking our order when her cell phone rang. My husband and myself looked on in amazement as she stood there having a conversation with the caller. Needless to say, we did not stay for the the "Blue Plate Special." Debby in Tacoma
Moose said…
OOoh yes!

My additions (if I can leave more than one):
- bad service is bad enough, but when Management makes it clear they don't care that it is bad is, I think, much worse. "We don't care if you don't come back."

- self-proclaimed "foodies" who claim to love ethnic foods without understanding them. ex. Folks who claim to love Chinese food but think Americanized garbage like "general tso's whatever" and fried rice are what to get, or go to a Japanese noodle house and only order teriyaki or, again, fried rice. There are versions for any ethnic food.

- "EW! How can you eat that?" (Well it involves my mouth and my tummy...) I'm sorry that you don't want to try squid/eel/shrimp in shell/sashimi/buffalo/duck/goose liver/whatever, but at least be an adult about it, ok? Double hate if you're eating food I've cooked when you say that.

- people who get upset when a restaurant doesn't offer free bread [or similar]. (I don't eat with these people a 2nd time.)

- 1-note-chef restaurants. I'm sensitive to basil - it makes me sick but doesn't actually kill me. I went to an Italian restaurant where every single dish had a crapload of basil in it, even the ones that didn't list it as an ingredient. I've been to restaurants where nearly every dish had green peppers in it, and I've seen sushi houses where everything but the nigiri had avocado in it.

Ok, I'll stop ranting now. :-)
StaceyEsq said…
My biggest food pet peeve: I don't want to hear you eat or see the contents of what you're chewing!!! I purposely choose the seat furthest from my father-in-law when dining with him and tell my own boys they should never eat like Grandpa!!!
Liliane said…
Great post! Thanks for the opportunity to vent! My pet peeve:

Being in the middle of a recipe and realizing I'm missing a key ingredient and having to run out to the store at the last minute....
my own fault...mise en place! Duh!!
Karen said…
I made a delicious vinaigrette for an antipasto salad. A guest picked up the jar, shook it, asked what was in it and then asked if we had any Ranch dressing. In a restaurant our biggest peeve is "How are you guys?" "What can I get for you guys?" "How are you guys doing?" "Can I get anything else for you guys?" UGH! They could just leave off "guys" and it would make a world of difference! Seems like everybody else wanted to rant today, too... all we needed was a little prodding ;)
Claudia said…
Ahhh, the elusive "pasta water." Really, I should have a sign on my stove...and then (when it's too late)think - a little wine? (For the pasta and the cook).
I do have a tiny, small, little pet peeve for Midestern sensibilities (and it's snowing here right now), which is yes, I cook a lot of Italian, thank-you. I do not cook "Eye-talian." Whew. Glad to get that off my chest.
Randi Lynne said…
Great list of pet peeves!

One of my new pet peeves is PICKY EATERS. Don't get me wrong, most people have something that they will not eat, but it annoys me when grown adults won't eat avocados or spinach because they're green. Not liking food after having it cooked/prepared PROPERLY is one thing, but not giving it a chance seems childish. Also, picky eaters take the fun out of cooking when you have to radically change recipes to satisfy them. I think that most picky eaters are really missing out!

Former picky eater,
Randi Lynne :)
Hi Stacy

I tried to leave a comment before - but it seems to have disappeared in a big black hole - so if I am repeating myself - please delete.

My pet peeves are as follows:

1.when I hear chefs/commentators and the like refer to a dish or way of eating as "healthful" ..... the correct terminology is "healthy" ....

2. what is the obsession with eastcoasters referring to pasta sauce as "gravy" ..... I am sure all the nonnas in Italy are curling at the toes with that reference !! I would love some insight.

Keep up the great blog.

happy eating
Gourmet Goddess

I could go on .... but not too sure how long our comments can be :-))
Lisa said…
I happily discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have become quite a fan. My peeves...

1. Going to a friends for dinner and they invite 10 but only have enough food for 5. Really I am not a pig but one time we were invited for chili and when we got to pot of chili it was empty.
2. Other peeve is those picky eaters, sharing a pizza of just cheese is just boring.
lol! I love your fiesty attitude! A couple of pet peeves I have are being served luke warm coffee, it drives me crazy and tasteless vegetables on a plate cooked to death!
Anonymous said…
Caprese salad in the winter...should be illegal.
Kimt said…
Oops. Sis not mean for that to be anonymous. Caldera salad in winter.....bad!
AllThingsYummy said…
LOL, I'm with you on the salt and hot sauce.
Biggest pet peeve- parents who let their kids scream and cry at a restaurant. I get that sometimes kids get fussy, but please take them outside until they calm down.
Cool giveaway.
Holly said…
Have to agree with you on quite a few of your peeves...Hate the salt and hot sauce, as well as the mispelled menus. It drives me nuts.
My biggest pet peeve is people who won't try anything - How are you ever going to enjoy a new taste, a new adventure if you just won't try it!
I do have to admit guilt in one of your pet peevees. I often have people come over earlier than when dinner is ready. It is almost entirely job related, but every once in a while it is just due to lack of preparedness.
KelleyO said…
Love your blog!!! I am definetly with you on the salt and hot sauce thing! I also can't stand rude servers who smirk when you mispronounce something! So rude!
Faith said…
I hate when you are at a restraunt and they bring you your entree and app at the same time~ what the heck! I wanted prefood!
Or...when you are still eatting and they ask if you need a to go box!
Dont rush me!
Joy B said…
The bathroom peeve has to be my biggest as well. I'm a southern girl so I'm used to the salt/hot sauce thing.

Here are a couple of my peeves

My server is clearly in the "weeds" having been over seated by the hostess and the rest of the staff is standing around with their fingers up their noses while I suffer without even a glass of water.

I live in a quaint town and we don't have many culinary delights. You’ve most likely been here for antiques. My local grocery stores think natural and organic foods are a "specialty" section like ethnic food. I went on a mad rampage one night looking for nitrate free bacon for my pregnant sister in-law.

This quaint town also has one gem a fabulous little Italian deli/grocery. I added up my credit card bill and I have spent quite a pretty penny on fresh mozzarella, store made sopressata and prosciutto balls. I am on a first name basis with the butcher and kiss him good-bye. I special order suckling pigs and porter house tails for summer bashes. I have been really busy the last few months and decided to stop in to get my man his favorite sandwich. Paper thin eggplant fried, fresh mozz, roasted red pepper, and prosciutto with Balsamic on a hard roll. I along with the 85 year old woman (whom I don’t) know were denied our sandwiches by the owner. (Not my butcher) The owner told us it was new year’s day and they don’t make sandwiches they are too busy. I haven’t been back since. There were a total of 4 customers. There were 5 people behind the counter and There 4 more prep cooks downstairs along with my butcher who offered to make my sandwiches!
Amy V. said…
Great post!

My two biggest peeves would have to be 1) Hot food that isn't. If it is supposed to be served room temperature - great. But if it is supposed to be hot...I want it HOT. Same thing on the cold foods (think Shrimp cocktail...must be COLD!) 2) Dirty restaurant windows...yuck. Even worse if you don't notice until you are inside and seated and the sun in filtering in through the fingerprints/nastyness on the glass. YUCK!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Wow you really hit a nerve here Stacey. I empathize with all your pet peeves. One that I might add is when you're at a restaurant and order bottled water. Why do the waiters keep refilling your glass when it's not even empty - and you're perfectly capable of pouring it yourself? why? Because a restaurant makes a lot of profit selling San Pellegrino for $8 a bottle. it makes me want to ask for tap water instead.
Noelle Ritter said…
such a great post for a monday... what a day.

1)when the waitress predictably says "enjoy" - i appreciate creativity... can't we do better than enjoy?

2)sticky tables at restaurants, even if it's not a "nicer" one, a little wipe down is appreciated. the forearm stick when you first sit down- the worst.

3) (bonus) asking someone to bring something and they bring something else on the whim... suddenly you need a veggie and have too much bread, or you were planning on complimenting their dish with yours and you have to give the "ooooh! no problem, this looks good!" :-/
Stephanie said…
Amen! It drives me crazy that some of my family will not try anything new. I just discovered shallots and my dad refuses to try them because, as he argues, those things are the same as onions. NO! Just try the dish!

And please, please, please if you have children, leave them at home when you're going to a nice restaurant. Unless, of course, the kids are capable of sitting quietly through the meal. It ruins my experience to have a child shrieking in my ear at the table behind us. Do parents simply tune it all out?
Michellek said…
What an excellent list! Completely agree... Especially on the salt! One of mine is how cilantro doesn't stay fresh for long even when I put the ends in water. It seems worse than other fresh herbs. Does anyone else agree?
Thanks for a giveaway!
dm said…
Pet peeves?
#1. Chefs on tv that are vegetarian haters and who refuse to cook 1 veggie dish on their show. Darn you James Martin.
#2. TV chefs who come in from the outside and start cooking without washing their hands first. Nigella, you know who you are.
#3. The biggie. Being called madame. Now do I look like I run a brothel? Ma'am is fine but not madame.
Shelby said…
I love this post! Especially because you addressed the anynomous comments. It really is irritating and I always just hit delete and don't approve it when it is nasty.

One of my food pet peeves is when I order something at a drive thru and don't bother to check - only to find when I get to the office it is not what I ordered.
Dawn said…
One of my food pet peeves is overcooked army green vegetables... Vegetables are supposed to be bright and fresh and full of life.At some restaurants canned veggies are used in place of fresh or they are steamed until the life is completely out of them and then you are left with mush... Hey canned veggies don't need as much cooking as fresh!!!A second pet peeve of mine is definitely using the salt before tasting the food...I had an ex boyfriend who did that habitually and it drove me BONKERS!
Annie B said…
Hey there...nice list!
How about this: Those people that think they know it all about food and once they find out you know something too, they want to out-food you! It's like dueling foodies...and once I feel it coming on, I'm out of the conversation. It's all good, you eat your food and I'll eat mine!
Phewww...that felt kind of good to get off the chest!
Lisa in Delaware said…
Stacey, thanks for the amusing rant that has inspired my contributions:

#1. (as Steve said): The use of "no problem". Drives me crazy. Whatever happened to the reply, "you're welcome"? Or even better, "my pleasure", or "certainly". "No problem" is a negative response. I didn't realize I WAS a problem in the first place! So, don't be offended if MY response is: "you're not an idiot!" After all, I'm telling you that you are NOT an idiot! Idiot.
#2. What is it with the overuse of certain prepositions. i.e., "plate up", "strain out", "reduce down". When you are reducing a sauce, the liquid is going down! When you strain something, all the liquid does go out! Oh - Typos, misspellings and BAD grammar!!!!!
#3. Bratty children in restaurants whose parents' attitude is "love me/love my kids". Last week at a local restaurant the 3 elementary school age kids were bouncing off the walls and the father was in his own world ignoring them. The rest of us - 6 tables were exchanging looks and glaring. Even after a man "shushed" the little girl, the father didn't discipline her. After 45 minutes of this nonsense, I complained to the manager who wimped out and suggested they move ME. I refused. After he spoke to the father, the man was furious and demanded the restaurant comp their meal, which they did. Unbelievable.
#4. My nephews who refuse to eat my mother's gourmet meals and holiday dinners, bringing their own Tyson chicken tenders (won't eat Banquet brand!). And who get up from the table 5 minutes after we begin eating saying they are finished, but return soon after whining about when desert will be served. We weren't raised that way, so I don't understand why my sister allows this behavior in her pre-teen sons!
#5. Guests who inform me before coming to dinner that they "don't like basil, raisins, garlic, etc". Stay home and eat your canned soup. And those who invite me to a dinner where salad consists of iceberg lettuce with an army of bottled salad dressings and stale, boxed croutons.
Other than THAT, nothing bothers me! haha. Lisa
Kadensgran said…
I agree with the unclean bathroom comment. I have left restaurants without eating for that reason. Worse is when you tell someone connected with the restaurant and they don't seem to care or react quickly.

Vegetables cooked beyond description is one of my pet peeves. Obviously not fresh and have been cooking all day.
Debbie W said…
Love your list too!
I get annoyed when you order a 3+ course meal and all the courses come together (soup, salad, app and entree). Or when I'm invited for dinner, not a pot luck, and I have to get the meal going myself. Oy!
Anonymous said…
Dear Stacey,
You are hysterical! I'm with you on all those, especially when I bust my tushy to have a meal ready when folks are invited to my place at a particular time and I show up (on time because punctuality is a disease with me) and the meal prep hasn't even begun. Thank you for a great blog - I check it almost daily and try to replicate a great deal of your posts. Have a great day.
Thank you,
Dana said…
Hilarious! And I agree with every single one. This is not going to surprise you, but it bugs me to no end to see unimaginative and often even unappetizing vegetarian dishes in restaurants. I live in what is supposedly a veg friendly city and if I see one more butternut squash ravioli on a menu, I am going to scream!
Caryn said…

You hit on my top pet peeves with adding seasoning to food before tasting. If food is made properly there is no need for a salt shaker on any table. I purposely leave them off the table when I have company.

The second one is misspelling. Gee if your not sure use a dictionary and the third you touch on being "rude". Internet usage has done a great job of people forgetting their manners.

You said, it well. Thank you - more people need to start saying it "OUT LOUD".

Have a super day. I really enjoy your blog.
Flavors by Four said…
I hate when restaurants charge for iced tea refills and when the table is so sticky that your arm, menu or napkin stick to it.
Arlene London said…
I am continuously amazed by the phenomenally poor quality of clamshell spring mix. If you're going to charge $4 for 5 ounces of greens, please make sure they're dry and in good condition. How often do they look good from the outside and then when you put your hand in to make salad you encounter a mushy gloppy wet mess in the center? I'm tired of having to construct salad one little leaf at a time.
tasteofbeirut said…
You are making me smile! I agree with you on the misspelling, and the salt or tabasco on the food before even tasting it, and all the others; my pet peeve is a waiter who will come up to the table and ask me if I want to order dessert when I have still food in my mouth and am chewing on the food!
I hate it when businesses are not considerate enough to check their spelling. Hate lack of cleanliness. Hate just hate wilted and old lettuce served as a "fresh salad". Hate cakes in bakeries made from mixes (I used to work for a bakery that made all their cakes from mixes), or dense, over-sweetened desserts.
Maybe that is why I hardly ever go out anymore!
Jan said…
It drives me crazy that my husband will refuse to eat scalloped potatoes because he says that they're too fattening and them eats 15 chocolate chip cookies.
G'ma Jan said…
I have to go with the dirty bathroom. There is nothing worse than going into a bathroom that is less than clean just as I'm about to eat.
I'm TOTALLY with you on all of these things! And, as much as I love my husband, the fact that he hates beans and peppers is a huge peeve for limits some of the things I can cook :(
Lisa Faley said…
I LOVE your list... I especially agree with number 5 and 6. Number 4 is just awful, isn't it? And number 7... sigh... I just can't eat past 9pm anymore - nighty night!

My all time biggest food peeve has to be when someone says, "I don't like that" and they've NEVER EVEN TRIED IT!! See how upsetting it is to me? Even my 8 year old son says, you can't say you don't like something until you've tried it... you never know it just might be your new favorite thing! Good training eh?

Oh and....
Thank you for such a great post :o)
garden said…
I invite someone to a meal and know he/she has a food allergy or follows a certain diet. I ask for specifics so I can prepare the meal and I'm told "Don't go out of your way for me." What??
That's my pet peeve.

Enjoying your posts.
Anonymous said…
My pet peeve is when you go to eat out and the waiter serves you a dirty glass. You ask for a new one and the give you the rudest most annoyed look! I mean come on, the glass still has someones lipstick on it!
Anonymous said…
Hi Stacey,
Entertaining list. I've strained an excellent( possibly excellent )stock into the sink rather than into another pot. Would have paid $ to have seen my face post that tired error.
I dislike waiting for dinner but have also had occasion to arrive for a 7.p.m.dinner at 7:05 p.m. and people were seated eating ! Yes, I was five minutes late - finding the PERFECT bunch of flowers for the PERFECT vase I was giving- felt like taking it home with me - but jeez - time for a relaxed drink,glass of well chosen wine or even tiny nibbles makes me purr nicely.

Love your blog and recipes. Cheers, Ann
Anonymous said…
A relative of mine, an adult, makes a big deal when he is served something he doesn't like. That's my pet peeve. Why not act like an adult, just eat it and shut up (you might like it!) or don't eat it but don't make a scene like a 4-year old.
I'm sorry for being anonymous.
Unknown said…
My top two biggest peeves ... hmmm, would have to be:

1. Not knowing what, if any dishes have peanuts in them. It's more in going to buffets than anything but with all the allergies out there, that should be a priority.

2) Asking me if I'm ready for dessert when my entree plate hasn't even cooled down at the table. My response is usually that I'll let you know when I'm done (said with a smile) though odds are that I'll be asked a few more times before then. Ack, overload ...
Ann from ILlinois said…
Wow, I have a huge list myself, but you just wanted 2....

1) Adult friends who say, "I'm a picky eater" and you have to think about where to dine because of it. Worse yet, if they come to your house, then it's a nightmare come true. What's up with that?! They ought to be spanked.

2) I, too, don't mind eating late at a party, but when it starts getting served at 10:00, then you're right, they missed the boat. Ask us for dessert instead.

I could go on and on, but I have 20 inches of snow to shovel. Chicago truly got blasted last night!!!
Linda said…
I am a pre-school teacher and Mom of two boys. My biggest pet-peeve is when people do not share diverse and wonderful food with children. I am always amazed to see how many children have not even tried delicious and healthful food. I always promised myself that I wouldn't have "chicken nugget" kids. And by this I mean children that are only fed junkie options because it's easier then helping them learn the wonders of good food. My boys love helping in the kitchen and trying new food. This summer we took the boys to NYC to L'Ecole the French Culinary Institute Restaurant. All were so thrilled that our boys enjoyed the experience so much that they offered us a tour of their kitchens. What a treat!
My second pet-peeve is unkind waitstaff.
Thanks for the opportunity to win David Tanis' book!
Foodiewife said…
These are hilarious, Stace! I'm with you on #4 - Pasta water. Worse, I once strained a chicken stock I had simmered for a long while but did the pasta thing. Down my stock went, before I realized I didn't put a pot underneat. Bah!

As for rude foodies-- ROTFL!! I've thought of turning off the ANONYMOUS comments are okay feature.

I find menu typos all the time. So far, I'm the only one who couldn't spell RASPBERRIES, until you taught me how. I'd say I laugh anytime I see "RE-GRAND OPENING" banners, instead of Grand Re-Opening".

Vent more often. It makes me laugh.
Foodiewife said…
So... I read all the other comments and found them totally entertaining. Did I mention I don't like to be called "hon" or "sweetie" unless it's my husband. Ma'am will do. Miss is even better.
june C said…
Parents that seal medicine in Oreo cookies. It taste terrible and makes you hate Oreo cookies.
Jen Mitchell said…
How about ordering food at a restaraunt and they bring it to you aggrevating. And my husband eats his steak with bbq sauce. After 24 hours of sitting in a delicious marinade, it doesn't need it!

I would LOVE that cookbook!
Leigh said…
Totally agree about the salt and hot sauce. It drives me crazy. Taste it first.

My pet peeve is when you invite people over for a dinner party and they arrive more than a hour late. Worst yet is if they are late and are bringing an appetizer.

Great post!
ldhitch said…
Hi Stacey! This is a great topic to share.I so agree with the comment on rude commenters...I think it has to do with texting.....(short, abbreviated words, comments...etc....Hate it!) It really peeves me when you prepare a meal for a crowd and one person very sadly declares she is allergic to one of the ingredients in one of the main dishes and makes you feel like you have just turned her world upside down. (even though there is enough food for her to eat on for a week that does not contain the dreaded spinach!) sorry.. this has happened several times....Just be polite, decline the dish and be grateful you were invited!
Melissa M. said…
Great post! I'm with you on #5. It kills me when my husband douses everything with salt without even taking a bite.

My biggest pet peeve is when restaurants don't fully describe a dish and then are surprised when you ask if it is the right one when they serve you it. I once ordered Greek sliders at an Americanized Greek restaurant, thinking I love mini burgers and Greek flavors. The menu made it sound like there would be feta and olives – delicious, right? When I got the plate it was three burger patties on a plate, no buns, no sauce ... and no olives or feta. The owner tried to explain that’s what the menu said it would be.

My other pet peeve (which is my own fault) is discovering leftovers or open ingredients in the back of my fridge that I could have used but have now spoiled. I hate waste.
Carole said…
I'm late to the party to post, (and I agree w/ many of your peeves) but I had to say that it makes my skin crawl whenever someone pronouces "vinaigretee" as "vinegar-ette"! ACK!
CountryHearts said…
I am SOOOOO late, and I hate being late any where and any time but just stumbled on this post! 1. I hate when they have advertise "loaded" baked potato and it comes out with margarine and cheese. Loaded to me means real butter, sour cream, bacon, cheese and chives or finely chopped green onion .
2. Spelling and grammar mistakes on the menu.
3. When I run out of French fries before I run out of burger, lol. I always feel like asking for just 1 or 2 more French fries.