Paris: A Room w/ a View 2


We arrived in Paris on Monday with limited wifi access, so posting will not be as frequent as I had hoped.

We rented an apartment in St. Germain, the 6th arrondisement, near everything. It is in an ancient building with NO ELEVATOR on the 4th floor! Lots of wide spiral stairs to climb after a day of sightseeing! That should keep the pounds off!

The Ecole des Beaux Arts is at the end of our street, the famous art school where Degas, Renoir and other famous artists attended.

The nice thing about this place is it has a full modern kitchen, which you don't often find in Paris. So if I wanted to actually COOK a meal, I could.

Lots of commercial pots and pans and high end kitchen equipment. Too bad I don't plan on using the kitchen for anything but making coffee!

A lovely view of a courtyard with modern metal sculptures beneath our bedroom window.

Lots of storage space for extra pillows and clothes.

Nice marble bathrooms w/ an American stall shower, also a luxury in Paris.

So that's the apartment tour.
More about food and wine tomorrow from the City of Light!



I've been patiently waiting for your Paris posts. Nice place! Can't wait to hear about the food.
Oh wow, my parents used to live in the 5th on St Michel. What a great place to be in. Everything is so close, and everything is so delicious.
lisa is cooking said…
Bonjour! Have a great time!
Anonymous said…
Have fun my you guys. Looks wonderful. I dont want to say I'm jealous........But I'm jealous. See you in Oct. at the wedding, the girls are very excited to see Aunt Stacey and Uncle Henry
hey there is a guy there that looks like your husband....LOL ---lucky you have a great time!
Anonymous said…
If that's near some of the fashion houses too....I believe I've stayed in a hotel on that street....what a lovely trip Stacey!
There you are, I've been waiting! The apartment is beautiful and I love the kitchen! Are you sure you're not going to whip something up in there? I don't blame you, I'd go out and eat every single day. Can't wait to see all the food photos. Have fun you guys!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Wow Stacey - you managed to find another gorgeous apartment. You're staying in my favorite Parisian neighborhood.
Foodiewife said…
You really know how to find nice places to stay. Someday, I'll be asking you to do the same for us.
Beautiful. The kitchen is gorgeous!
Dewi said…
I m envious ...... can't wait what are you going to cook in that kitchen. Waiting ....
Jen_from_NJ said…
I seriously LOVE that apartment! I would gladly walk the four flights of stairs to stay there. I can't wait to see your next post. Have fun!!
SarahB said…
Love the place! Can't wait for your next post.
Gorgeous apartment Stacey. I love the French mirror above the fireplace. How cool to be near the Ecole des Beaux Arts - are you going to the Museum d'Orsay where their paintings are?

With that wonderful kitchen I couldn't resist bringing home things from the beautiful French outdoor markets. Have fun and thanks for taking us along.
A bientot,
Lisa in Delaware said…
Stacey, how exciting that you are in Paris! And it is so generous to include us with your wonderful pictures. Can't wait to see more of your time there shopping, eating, people watching. Don't forget to photograph that staircase but, see if that handsome man will pose again!
Linda said…
Hi Guys!! Gorgeous digs!! Cute shot Hen!! Have a great time! gorgeous kitchen, but I agree, just make coffee!!
Love you both
Anonymous said…
Funny! After reading the comments, I had to go backtrack and play Where's Waldo. I mean Henry. Found 'em. Can't wait 'til you start eating and taking pictures.
kat said…
What a great looking place!
The JR said…
You wouldn't find me cooking either!
Dana said…
Oh Stacey. I am so jealous. I can't wait to hear more about your trip. Having just been there, it feels closer than ever. It looks like you got a wonderful place to stay. Take notes! I hope to go again soon!
cr8ivmark said…
The name of the person/s that you rent the Paris apt. from, SVP.
Also Paris is "The City Of Light"
not "lights" was called the "City Of Light" before there were
lights ( gas or electric...named for the natural light favored by the artists who painted in Paris.
Bluebird NY said…
Sweet place, Sta. Enjoy! xoxo
Bluebird NY said…
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Claudia said…
Are you you're you're not cooking? Come on...really? Quick! I want the address!