Paris Padlocks of Love

Here is something new. This 2 year old tradition on the Pont des Arts caught our eye. The French are so romantic!

As you walk across the bridge towards the Louvre, that connects the left bank to the right bank, there are thousands of padlocks attached to the railing.

Upon closer inspection, all of these padlocks had inscriptions, some written, some engraved with the couples' names, initials and dates!

The tradition is to lock it on the rail and throw the key into the Seine!
In love (or prison!) forever!

Of course the city is annoyed and is planning on removing the locks.
So much for the City of Love.

Another nice tradition around Paris is setting up a picnic anywhere.
A park, a curb, a bridge, you name it.

Bring your food & wine. No chair necessary. We saw these nice tourists having their evening snacks by the locks.


Aunt Lollie said…
i love the idea of the padlocks and throwing away the key. How sad if the city unlocks those hearts.
Bonjour Stacey. I'm really enjoying your trip. From a distance those locks look like lights or balls as if they were a decoration on the fence.

I had forgotten how what garish colors there are in France, i.e. those bright blue plates and neon pink napkins on the white tablecloth. Your take-out food from yesterday looked so much classier and chic.

It must be chilly there by the looks of how these people are dressed.

Bonne journee,
Mil said…
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How romantic! I assume you've purchased a lock and are having it engraved as I type.
Love to you both,
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Stacey - Glad to see you are having a wonderful time together. Re: locks - the Italians have been doing that for years. There are clusters of them on many bridges all around the country, but particularly in Venice and Rome.
How romantic! Did you two love birds put one up?
The JR said…
How sweet. What a neat idea.

I hope the City reconsiders.....
Dewi said…
How interesting, did you do that as well :)
RecipeGirl said…
SO, did you add a lock to the bridge?? What a cute idea!
Kim said…
I love the idea putting up the locks and throwing away the key. What a shame if the city takes them down.
Jen_from_NJ said…
I love the idea of a picnic anywhere, anytime!
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