What's for Dinner? Shrimp & Chorizo Skewers

grilled chorizo5

I have definitely given this new grill a workout this summer.
It's so nice not to have to heat up the kitchen and be able to cook outside every night.

The joys of summer.

Last night's dinner were skewers threaded with Spanish chorizo with grilled shrimp and some cherry tomatoes from my garden thrown on for good measure.

Thread each skewer (I like the metal ones) with 2 jumbo shrimp with the tail on, some sliced chorizo and a couple of cherry tomatoes.

Try to find the real Spanish chorizo if you can, it makes a difference.

No seasoning needed, just a drizzle of olive oil and fire it up.

3 minutes on each side and dinner was done.
I served them over an herbed rice garnished w/ some fresh cilantro, sliced avocado and lemon.

Easy & Excellent.


Desi said…
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Desi said…
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The JR said…
Yum Stacey! Need to remember to get some ingredients to put on the grill....
Dewi said…
I love chorizo, you are full of idea Stacey. I should try to grill it next time.
Kathy Walker said…
Beautiful pictures....like the combination of shrimp and chorizo!
Nic said…
That's a great combo, perfect for a lazy afternoon bbq!
Jen_from_NJ said…
Good one! For some reason I am craving avocado today!
I never buy chorizo, I don't know why, I need to venture out of my comfort zone!
I love a multi-protein meal :) Actually, I love anything with chorizo involved! These look perfect for a nice summer evening.

Happy weekend!

CB said…
you are simply the best Stacey - thank you for so many great ideas!

BTW - we had steamer clams last weekend at the Washington Coast - prepared with all the usual: wine, butter, herbs - but the added chunks of Chorizo and WOW! did that make it all kinda just zing a bit. I bet if I did it at home but Grilled the sausage first - it would add even richer flavors to the broth!
tasteofbeirut said…
This is such a delicious and simple dinner! I could use good sujuk instead of the chorizo, more widely available here and just as good and the grill is always there. Thanks for the inspiration!
I love everything about this. It's definitely going to happen.
Culinary Cory said…
I like the idea of combining spicy chorizo with shrimp. Did you find the chorizo cooked at a different rate than the shrimp and tomato? Just curious if you ran into any problems with the shrimp being overcooked.