New Toy


My husband & I both love an espresso mid afternoon and after dinner, but I have never wanted to take the plunge and buy a fancy espresso machine.

First of all, I don't have the room on my counter for it. Second, they are very pricey, $500 and up for decent ones. And third, I don't want another appliance to have to clean out everyday.

We found this tiny Bialetti Mini Express 2-Cup Stovetop Percolator from Italy.

Bialetti Mini Express 2-Cup Stovetop Percolator

You just fill it up with water, pack in some ground espresso, place it on the stove top and watch the water drip into the cups perfectly out of the brass nozzles!

It took 1 minute 32 seconds (I timed it!) to make 2 perfect cups of espresso, and the best part is: it was only $27.99. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS LITTLE MACHINE!

Simple is always best.

Now, I need an easy way to froth steamed milk!


Tim said…
Those are called macchinetta, Italian for "little machine".

I had one in college and loved it. It approximated the espresso produced by my favorite coffee shop.
Stacey, I've never seen this model of the Bialetti. We have the standard stove-top Bialetti in several sizes and love it. I can't believe this baby is so modern. How cool.

We too love to serve espresso at dinner parties. It's such a surprise and a nice treat from regular coffee. I've got several different sets of cups, some plain white and others quite formal. Fun stuff.

I will say that I have a hard time finding decaf expresso coffee in our market. I usually have to "import" it from trips to the city.
Dewi said…
Seriously, this is so cute Stacey....
kat said…
Oh my gosh how cool is that
ValerieF said…
the easiest way to make frothed milk (easier for 2 cappucinos than using the steamer) is to get a little can for it. They sell little or metal jugs with a thingie in there, you 'pump' the cold milk, it already gets frothy, then put it in the microwave for half a minute or so and you have the best, most awesome froth you can get. here's a link I found to a picture of the thing:
It works like a charm!

(And I love those little espresso makers. We have a full automatic espresso machine, but I do use that thing once in a while too, love it!

I have something similar that make one serving - this is too cool - nice find and it looks like an heirloom already!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Stacey - You can buy a electric frother that looks like a mini whisk at Williams Sonoma. It uses batteries and you stick the mini whisk part into a small pitcher of milk and it froths up really well.
tasteofbeirut said…
I got a frother for the milk online for $14 it works real well and uses a couple batteries.
Foodiewife said…
Me, the gadget junkie, is totally impressed with this. Like Linda said, the frother that I bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond works great for latte's. I've missed not visiting your blog, but life is getting in the way. Off to see what you've been up to...
Jen_from_NJ said…
All I can say is... I want one! I love this perfect little espresso maker.
Too cute!! I've never seen that version. Perfect for two.
The Food Hunter said…
Awesome little machine
Anonymous said…
Try Aerolatte. My very particular Italian husband loves it!
The JR said…
Cute little machine.
Eileen said…
It is very tempting to purchase one of these. My Pasquini (the love of my life) blew up a few weeks ago; turned it on, went upstairs and POW! It's in the "shop". I was going to store it anyway during the kitchen renovation, but I am missing my morning cappuccino more than you'll ever know. Just a few blocks from our house is Kopplin's- named by Bon Appetite as one of the top 10 best "boutique" coffee shops in the U.S., and I have been going there a lot, but I cannot continue to pay $3.75 each morning for a 6 oz. cappuccino :[
Lori Lynn said…
So. Darn. Cute.
Bet it tastes great too.
Lisa Faley said…
Hi Stacey! Could you please tell me, how easy or difficult it is to use this little machine for more than two? If you had company, how do you refill the hot container to refill with water and more coffee?
Stacey Snacks said…
Hi Lisa,
This machine is really only good for 2 cups of espresso. Not good for company, trust me!