Roasted Carrots w/ Thyme


I am one of those people that walks down the produce aisle and gets excited at the prospect of what I might find.
Ok, don't judge.

This week I found these beautiful baby carrots, white, purple and orange.
I remember someone told me that I didn't have to peel these, to soak them, and then scrub the hairy exterior off.

So, I cut the pretty leafy tops off and soaked the beauties for about an hour in cold water, changing the dirty water twice in between.

Then I rubbed the carrots in a dish towel and most of the hairy stuff came off.

Roasted Baby Carrots w/ Thyme:

Lay the carrots (make sure they are not wet, or they will steam) on a baking sheet and toss with a little olive oil and kosher salt.

Sprinkle with a tablespoon of fresh thyme leaves and roast in a 375F oven for 30 minutes, shaking the pan once or twice during the roasting time.

They are done when they start to caramelize.

Each color carrot had a unique flavor, the white French baby carrots tasted like candy, the purple ones were spicy, and the orange ones were a bit tart.

You can use this method to roast regular old Bugs Bunny carrots, that have been peeled and sliced thick on the diagonal.
Dill is also a nice herb that goes well with carrots.



Mom24 said…
Thanks for the tips. I passed these up at a local grocer this week that often has sub-prime produce--I thought with all that "hair" they were old. :)
MaryMoh said…
This must be very delicious, and healthy, too. I love it. I haven't seen the white and purple carrots.
I love those pretty little carrots, what could we do with the leafy tops, I always hate to cut it off. You're not alone, I get excited in the produce isle too!
kat said…
roasting carrots just makes them into such an incredible treat!
Anonymous said…
Your baby carrots are demure and lovely, much more appropriate than those scandalously shaped mutants you had on your blog many moons ago. Still, it's sort of weird to have to bikini wax your veggies, yes?
I LUV it when I find those little carrots in different colors. They are beautiful!
Claudia said…
They make me weak at the knees. Gorgeous and now I will look for some. And if I must settle for only orange - I will do it. Just to have a taste.
Bob said…
Holy crap, I love carrots and thyme. This, I am making.
Jen_from_NJ said…
What delicious looking and colorful carrots! I also get excited about produce - I can't wait for my first CSA box!
The Food Hunter said…
I had no idea how different each color was in taste. I want to try them all
Ciao Chow Linda said…
It's not easy to find those beautiful carrots in the markets here. They look so wonderfully caramelized on the plate.
Dana said…
I never think of carrots on their own as a side dish - I always think of them in something. But those are beauties! And I'm sure they tasted fantastic. Nice to know you don't have to peel them because they do lose so much of their color if you do.
I'll be honest. When I first saw your photo, I thought you might have been playing with photo shop and got carried away with saturation. Then I realized these were for real! I've never seen purple carrots. What? I'll have to scout these out at Whole Foods. Velly intellesting.
Pam said…
I love, love, love roasted carrots. I've never tried the purple ones, they are so pretty.
Kate said…
I have loved carrots since I was a youngster! These look pretty.
Anonymous said…
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I love purple carrots - I haven't been able to find them too often. (So maybe I should just start planting!)