Random Bites in March

Wow, do I feel stupid.

Remember I ordered that fancy jar of preserved lemons (only 2 lemons in a jar) online for $8.95 (plus $8. shipping) so I could make the couscous and Tunisian Tuna tart recipes?

Well, I found a fantastic Middle Eastern Market in NJ called The Phoenician, and found a HUGE jar for $2.60 with 20 lemons in it! Hard to believe. I couldn't even buy the glass jar for that price!

You live and learn.

I have an ugly little secret.

I am in love with these chocolate covered corn flake clusters.

My neighbor Betty makes them for her grandchildren, and once in a while I am fortunate enough to receive a bag.

This time around I asked for the recipe, and it was written out on a recipe card.
It has melted Hershey bars, chopped nuts and 5 cups of corn flakes.

Are you in?


Ciao Chow Linda said…
Count me in. (But do they make dark chocolate Hershey bars?) Love the bargain you got on preserved lemons!
Steve said…
I'm in. My mother used to make these years ago. She called them Tingalings. Delicious guilty pleasure.
Kari said…
I'm in. My son will love them! Will you share the recipe? I can't quite make it out from the photo.
kat said…
So funny how something so simple is what you get addicted too
Bob said…
Oh I'm so in. My mom used to make those when I was a kid, I loved them! They'll always say "pot luck" to me. :D
Stacey Snacks said…
Betty's recipe is kind of vague, and calls for 1 cup of chopped nuts (she must use peanuts).....so I am including Jacques Torres recipe, and you can watch this video of him making the cornflake clusters! I couldn't believe that Torres makes these!

Foodiewife said…
Stace, I've had the cornflake clusters with corn syrup and no chocolate (I think it had peanut butter). I couldn't stop eating them (they were a gift) and am too afraid to make them for myself. Thanks! Now, you reminded me of them. The chocolate version sounds even better. As for the lemon bargain-- I hate it when that happens! Kevin (Closet Cooking) posted a simple way of making these yourself, some time ago. I'm thinking of giving it a "go".
I hope you're thawing out.
Anonymous said…
Ask for and you shall receive.

And we don't even have to turn on the oven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Sta,
Maria said…
Cover anything in chocolate and I am in:) Ok, almost anything:)
Dana said…
Look at you scanning! I don't know how to do that. I'm in! I love simple and perfect things like that.
Steph said…
YAY for Betty...now I don't have always buy the Jacques Torres version! Don't feel stupid...This past Thanksgiving hubby decided bloody marys were necessary while starting the food prep. I thought we'd make the Spotted Pig's recipe which calls for Sriracha hot chili sauce. I'd never seen it so I tried the gourmet store near us & they didn't have it. I decided to search online, found it, and paid expedited shipping. How STUPID did I feel when I saw it at Shoprite!!!!!!!
We made cornflake clusters when I was a kid from the Betty Crocker Boys and Girls cookbook - I love them!
Jen_from_NJ said…
Definitely in! Chocolate, nuts, and cornflakes? - I don't think that you can go wrong with that combo!
Lori Lynn said…
Love the recipe card!
I just went to a wedding shower for a 30 year old friend of mine, and the mother-in-law to be asked us all to bring a recipe card for a cute recipe box for the bride. So old-fashioned, and darling!
Anonymous said…
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Claudia said…
I'm thinking it's worth it to buy a plane ticket to NJ to puy preserved lemons. The recipe card is grand - I have so many from friends and familyand none of my own. Chocolate and cornflakes. Chocolate and anything works for me.
Anonymous said…
They are also yummy made with Milky Way bars and butter like Nigela does.
The JR said…
They sound good. Don't think I've ever had them.

Good deal on the lemons!