January Random Bites

Here is what I have been eating and cooking all week.

Instead of throwing out the bread from making the chevre croutons yesterday, I saved the bread for the next morning's breakfast. Toads in a hole!

We had a quick visit to the City of Brotherly Love, that would be Philadelphia, to visit our Loverly Brother.

It's an easy city to walk around while enjoying historical sites, such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is also a fantastic museum, don't miss it.

Stephen Starrs seems to own a lot of Philly's restaurants, all with a different theme. We ate at his Continental Martini Bar in the Olde City, a sort of retro diner and had a great lunch, a Southwestern Chicken Salad.

I found these cute baby Thumbelina carrots and roasted them for a change.
They were a big pain to peel and I don't think I will bother with them again, though they were very tasty!

Have a nice weekend everybody, see you on Monday.


kat said…
I wonder if those carrots needed to be peeled? We often get small carrots from the farm & then just scrub them before cooking. I think I may still your toad in the hole idea for breakfast tomorrow.
kat said…
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Elra said…
Toads in a hole is perfect for breakfast. I used to make it when my son was young, he loved it. And, oh that chicken salad is huge, but I think I can finish half of it by myself. You've eating pretty healthy this month, huh? Happy weekend for you and your husband Stacey!
The Food Hunter said…
Love the eggs like that. We call them eggs in a basket
Michele said…
How cute!!! I love those little carrots. Your salad looks really delicious!
redkathy said…
Elra called them toads in a hole and my mom used to call them Egyptian eyes! So fun and yummy for the children. Great restaurants in Philly!
I call it egg in a nest. My husband loves it. Yum!
Anonymous said…
Dad calls them Girl Scout eggs.

I remember on school trips to Philly being able to actually touch The Liberty Bell, which was many years ago.

I haven't been to Philly in years since all my family have moved to the sticks (South Jersey).
citronetvanille said…
Sorry, I have no idea what toads are, I am so intrigued... what is the yellow mixture in the middle? very creative.
red ticking said…
you are one VERY talented woman.... so happy to have found your blog... x pam
What's in that salad? Wow, does that look good, I want it for lunch!
I like the shape of the carrots. I just wash them and eat the peel.