Random Bites in October

It's definitely fall out there. Still nice enough to sleep with the windows open a crack, but it's time for the down comforter to come out.

I was never a conventional girl.
Even my tuna sandwich has to be different.

I seared a leftover tuna steak and put some mayo and homemade tapenade on top that made for a great lunch.

I baked that terrific no butter, no oil cake, from Mango & Tomato.
It just has a tablespoon of yogurt for moisture. Instead of the peaches and blueberries, I made her mom's original recipe w/ apples and raisins.

Hard to believe this cake is that moist and delicious without the addition of fat!

We ate at Jim Leahy's (owner of Sullivan Street Bakery) pizzeria called Co.
His bread is my personal favorite in NYC, and his pizza is pretty good too.
They have good salads and a great wine list.

We had a sausage with fennel with fresh bufala mozzarella, and also a roasted cauliflower, olive, garlic and mozzarella pizza. Each pie is about 9" and has those wonderful burned bubbles. Check it out when you are visiting the city.

Not your everyday pie.
Co. located at 230 9th Ave. on the corner of 24th St. in Chelsea.

Happy October!


Ciao Chow Linda said…
Stacey - Your food photos are tempting me, especially the pizza shots, but I am really captivated by the leaf and acorn shot. It really says fall poetically.
Cate O'Malley said…
Can't decide what looks better ... the cake or the pizza!
noble pig said…
Love all the Fall-ness here!
Foodiewife said…
Love the first shot of "Fallness".
I'm so behind in blogging recipes I've made, that I should do a collage as well. I'm on vacation all of this coming week, so I plan to braise, make stocks and find pumpkin recipes. All I need is rain and I'm a happy camper-- rain, fire, books, sleeping in!
kat said…
A yummy start to the month
Leslie said…
your sooo overy lucky you have fall. Here is Tampa it was 94 and humid! yuck!
Nancy said…
My mouth is watering. It's making my sandwich for dinner look positively mundane. And I must try that cake - no oil, no butter - can it be?
I'm dying to try that cake. No oil? and it's not dry? I believe what you say, I have to try this! A cake I don't have to feel guilty eating, and all the ingredients I just happen to have on hand.
The tuna sandwich looks awesome and I am dying to make the apple cake. Just haven't had a chance yet.
Olga said…
So glad you made my mom's original apple cake after liking my version w/peaches/blueberries.

Happy Fall!
Anonymous said…
Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?