Ginger Lime Butter & a Spring Bouquet

I have been making this ginger lime butter forever.

It is from the first Silver Palate Cookbook. It is great on salmon and even corn on the cob.

It used to be difficult to find ginger preserves, but now my supermarket carries 2 brands from the UK. It's one of my favorite flavors.

Ginger Lime Butter for Fish:

In a bowl, take one stick of butter at room temperature, mix with 1 teaspoon of ginger preserves and the zest of one lime. Add a pinch of salt and mix thoroughly until all the zest and preserves incorporate into the butter.

Lay this mound onto a piece of plastic wrap and roll up like a log.
Refrigerate until ready to use.

Slice into nice pieces and place on top of grilled fish.

The leftover log of butter can be stored in the freezer.

I warned you that there would be flowers!
(thanks to Marie & Giff for helping this dumb blogger finally figure out how to create a photo montage!).


Sara said…
This sounds delicious! I make a carrot dish with ginger lime butter and cilantro. I can see how this flavor combination would be good with fish. Love the flower pics too :)
Anonymous said…
What a unique butter with ginger and lime! I love this idea and definitely perfect for grilled fish!
Dana said…
I love having things like that in the fridge. It sound absolutely delish - 2 of my favorite flavors in one!
Pam said…
I love the flowers and I LOVE the butter. Can't wait to try it.

Thanks again for inspiring me to make Arroz con Pollo - it was amazing.
kat said…
When I saw that butter I immediately thought of Corn on the cob! Your flowers are so much further along than ours
Look at you with your photo montage!Your flowers look beautiful, is that a peony bottom left or is it a rose? You must have more sun there in Jersey, mine aren't as far along as yours. I never heard of ginger preserves, I'll have to scope it out, I do have some candied ginger I bought from Whole Foods though.
lisaiscooking said…
I never seem to think to make a compound butter. This sounds fantastic!
Karen said…
Pretty flowers... I can't wait until something blooms around here.
Bob said…
Ooooo, ginger lime butter sounds amazing! I bet it would be awesome rubbed under the skin of a chicken before roasting.
SarahB said…
This sounds so good! This is my next salmon recipe since your last one was such a hit!
Lori Lynn said…
The butter sounds excellent. I never though of using preserves, that opens up lots of possibilities!

Oh such pretty flowers too!
RecipeGirl said…
We are HUGE salmon fans, so a new method for eating it is welcome any day!

I make a Dill Pickle Butter with butter, dp juice & chopped dill pickle that is also fun to top salmon with. Gotta be a fan of dill though!
Culinary Cory said…
I love making flavored butters, but I never thought about using ginger and lime. Interesting combo.