You either love coconut or hate it.
There is no in between.

I have recently become a lover of coconut. I didn't like it as a kid, but I think it was due to all those stinky sun tan oils that made me despise the smell of coconut.
It could also be the gross cans of macaroons that are sold at Passover time.
My mother always bought those orange cans and served them as dessert on that holiday. How awful.

Macaroons are not just for Passover anymore. You can eat them anytime you like!

I had 2 bags of flaked coconut in the cupboard and decided to make this lovely cookie.

They are so simple to make. I drizzled them with chocolate to dress them up a bit.

Not Just For Passover Macaroons:

14 oz. bag of flaked coconut
2/3 cup of sugar
6 tbsp flour
1/4 tbsp almond extract
4 egg whites whipped to stiff peaks (I hate this job)

*note: if you are making these for Passover, omit the flour

Mix coconut with flour and sugar.
In a separate bowl, whip your egg whites until they form nice peaks (I do this by hand, because I am too lazy to set up the mixer).
Fold your egg whites and almond extract into the coconut mixture.
Drop tablespoonfuls onto a greased parchment lined cookie sheet. (make sure you spray the parchment paper w/ PAM, so they don't stick).
Bake for 20 minutes until golden brown at 325 degrees.
Remove immediately onto a cooling rack.

I melted a bar of Belgian semi sweet chocolate, and after the roons were cooled, I drizzled them with chocolate and refrigerated on wax paper until the chocolate set.

Please don't judge my sloppy chocolate drizzling, I was never good at cake decorating!

These were DELICIOUS!
(recipe courtesy of the back of the coconut bag!!!)


kat said…
I need to try these again because I think I must have had not very good versions somewhere in my life to make me thing I don't like them. I think its a texture thing because I love coconut.
Linda said…
Yummy!!! and the chocolate looks lovely. Basically it doesn't really matter what the chocolate LOOKS like!! Your brother-in-law LOVES chocolate, I may actually have to try these for him
Love ya
SarahB said…
Those look great! I think I've been marred by "canned" macaroons...
Patsyk said…
I'm not a fan of coconut (even though I love coconut shrimp - explain that one to me!), but those cookies look incredible!
Anonymous said…
I am a lover a coconut but it always shocks me how many people hate it! These macaroons look beautiful!
Anonymous said…
mmmmm... You can put me in the coconut lover category. :-)
I love these drizzled with chocolate just the way you did. I take a dozen pleaasee.
Oh, I'm glad that big plateful is by you, because I'm dangerous with macaroons, especially when they have those golden crunchy bottoms like you have!!! Maybe I should do what you just did, 2 healthy meals, then a plate of macaroons!
Pam said…
I LOVE coconut. I could eat way too many of these. The chocolate drizzle on top looks delicious. Yummy!
I love coconut. Mounds, Almond Joy and now your macaroons. Great recipe for holiday gifts.
For yourself.
Anonymous said…
I, too, love coconut and always have. When I was YOUNG ... and would buy a candy bar my choice was always Almond Joy.. which was among the candies bought for the darlings at Halloween. (handy for me) Your macaroons look sensational with the chocolate dribblings... and I KNOW FOR A FACT THEY ARE DELICIOUS... We'll stop by today for a sample. Mil
Robin said…
Some of the best recipes are on the back of the bag! These are really pretty with the chocolate on them. I love coconut!
RecipeGirl said…
You know... they say those back of the bag/box recipes are sometimes the best ones!

I've been looking at macaroon recipes lately. I'll have to look at the back of my bag :)

I've always liked the *flavor* of coconut but have only recently come to enjoy the flakes. Amazingly enough, my 7 year old enjoys both. Usually kids don't care for it at all but he's all over it!
a dozen for me please and while you are drizzling the top do you mind dipping the bottom in chocolate as well - thanks
Anonymous said…
I love the chocolate drizzle! These look like a perfect size too. The last time I made macaroons, they were way too big.
Maria said…
I am a coconut lover, especially when there is chocolate drizzles involved!
Anonymous said…
Hehe! I actually liked the way that suntan lotion smelled :), but that just might be due to the fact that I really like coconut...and this is a tasty way to use it, very delicious indeed!
Alexa said…
I remember that suntan lotion and the canned passover macaroons! Ah... too funny.
I have never made coconut macaroons. My kids would probably love them. Your pictures are so pretty.
What?! You made chocolate drizzled coconut macaroons and didn't invite me over? They're one of my favorite Christmas cookies.
Anonymous said…
I have always loved coconut, and your chocolate drizzling looks excellent to me. I give it an A++!!

On a completely unrelated note, I just saw on your Foodbuzz profile that Babbo is one of your favorite restaurants. Me too! Mario's food is the best. We have 2 of his restaurants here in Las Vegas, and I have had some of my most incredible meals there. Have a great weekend!
Lori Lynn said…
I liked the orange cans of macaroons at Passover when I was a kid, they don't do it for me anymore though...Yours look terrific!
Janine said…
I think maybe coconut macaroons could straighten out the coconut-haters. Who could pass up one of these delicious nuggets?
test it comm said…
Those look really good with the chocolate drizzle.
These look so delicious - I love macaroons. Thanks to you, I plan to make some this afternoon! :)
gaga said…
I'm one of those who loves coconut. Well, macaroons at least. Yours look really great, especially with the drizzle of chocolate on top. Lovely!
Peter M said…
Stacey, you can place me squarely in the "I love macaroons" side of the ledger.

Seriously, who has Hatorade for this this stuff?
Anonymous said…
Sometimes I'm quite surprised by how good the recipes on the back of ingrediant bags are. I agree, either you love coconut or you hate them. I love adding coconut to things to help give it a little punch of texture and flavor.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Mom24 said…
So how do you adapt these for Passover? They look wonderful.
Beth said…
These look great, but... you called them "Not just for Passover"... they really should be called, "NOT for Passover" since they use flour, the most basic Passover no-no. I'll save this for after Passover, but it won't help me now... :)
Felicia said…
To the previous commenter:
The recipe says "if making for Passover, omit the flour".