Meeting Fellow Bloggers

We finally got to meet some fellow bloggers in person!
We met Giff and his supermodel wife, Lisl, from The Constables' Larder, a great food blog, for dinner in Manhattan this week.

I met Giff thru and since we are both fans of each other's blogs, we decided to meet for dinner in NYC.

I chose Dell'Anima, which means "of the soul" in Italian.
It is a small restaurant in the West Village on Jane St. Very hip, great wine list and wonderful apertivo.
Lighting too low for photos and noise level so loud, I felt like I was at a U2 concert at Madison Square Garden, my ears are still ringing.

We had crostini with 5 toppings for the table. A tonnato (tuna), ceci (chic pea), an avocado something, a fresh ricotta and a wonderful caponata with crusty bread.

We chatted about the food blogs we like/love and don't love. We are definitely geeks, because we talked about food lighting and photography. I thought my husband would run out, but he enjoyed the conversation. Current events/politics were the hot topic of the night.

I am hosting a foodbuzz dinner this Saturday night for 25 foodbuzz NYC metro area featured publishers in New York City, and I am looking forward to meeting all of them! I hope they can keep up with the Huxtables (I mean the Constables!!!).

Thanks Giff and Lisl, we hope we didn't scare you off with our bathroom humor!


kat said…
Wow, that sounds totally fun!
Alexa said…
That sounds like such a fun thing to do! I wished I lived in NY, I would have crashed your night out. :-)
Lisl said…
I like being called a "supermodel" - maybe a maternity supermodel... ;-)
maris said…
What fun! I like meeting other bloggers too.

What is foodbuzz? I've heard of it but never really explored!
Giff said…
Now I'm going to have to call Henry a supermodel on my blog. We had a fun dinner, but crikey that place was loud! However, Lisl really enjoyed the food there. Henry was a patient soul as we geeked out on food blogging topics.
Great blog, Stacey! Your post made me want to hop on a plane and come rave/commiserate about food with you and the foodbuzz crew. Is that an official group?
nicisme said…
Hope you have a lovely time, wish I could come!
mikky said…
must be so much fun... :) enjoy...
How fun...Isn't it the best meeting other bloggers. Are you hosting the thing tonight at home? Wow you are brave but how fun that will be. My Foddbuzz dinner in Orlando was a real highlight!
Anonymous said…
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