Random Food Bites 8/22

Since I don't make any money writing this blog, it was a nice treat to have some local fame and some free food this week.

I walked into Millburn Deli yesterday for my usual sloppy Joe sandwich and when I went to the crowded counter to pay, they said "lunch is on us". Why? because I did the post on pastrami and sloppy Joes from the Millburn Deli and they saw it! How exciting! My 5 minutes of fame......

and to continue the fame, everyone at Restaurant MC saw the post on No Smoking and a Hibiscus Cocktail, so drinks were on the house! Ok, there might be something to this "working for food!"

To continue with the random food bites of the week:

I made my Fuzzy Salad this week with fresh white peaches, courtesy of my little friend Martha, who lives on a peach orchard in Germantown, in beautiful upstate New York. She brought me a big bag of them this week. She has peaches, 8 varieties of apples and pears right in her backyard.

We met a nice gal named Hallie Levy (no relation to Halle Berry), carrying a pink basket of cupcakes. I asked if she was Little Red Riding Hood, and "hey Red, what's in the basket?" She let me sample one of her buttery vanilla-ey (is that a word?), delicious cupcakes. She is a mom from Maplewood, NJ who is starting her own homemade cupcake business with her sister, called My Favorite Cupcake. She can thank me when she is famous. They were really good, thank you Hallie.

I made my famous egg salad for lunch (secret recipe) and served it on top of the Jersey tomatoes from my garden for my friend Rosemary.

As usual, another great week of EATING!


Stacey...Lunch was great as was your company! ♥Rosemary
Giff said…
SECRET recipe!?!

outrageous! ;-)
Pam said…
The egg salad on tomatoes looks fantastic...I hope you will share the secret recipe.
Anonymous said…
Hi Stacey, I just got home from a vacation and I heard your voicemail. I am so excited to be a part of your website. My telephone number for those who want to reach me is 973 886 4512. Our company name is My Favorite Cupcake. I love your website.
Oh, and my name is actually spelled Hallie. Thanks so much for mentioning us. - Hallie
Anonymous said…
The peaches are even better this week after a stretch of gorgeous sunny days! The egg salad looks so tasy I almost licked the screen - YUM!
Good for you getting courtesy food and drinks! Today I went to the Dutch farmers market and bought some turkey sausage and bacon because you made me crave it! Now I can make sausage and peppers and BLT's.
kat said…
How nice for you to be recognized like that! I just noticed a restaurant I love links to my blog from theirs, I wonder if I can get dinner out of that ;)
Jeni said…
Oooh that egg salad looks tasty!!! Oh and I love the everything flatbread. HUGE FAN of that stuff too!
Anonymous said…
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