Random Bites 8/14

Here are some random food bites from this week:

I made Jamie Oliver's Grilled Tuna w/ Tomato & Cilantro Salsa from the August issue of Food & Wine. Normally, I am a big Jamie Oliver fan, however, there was way too much citrus in this tomato salsa. It was enough to make you squint your eyes! I cut the heavy lemon & lime with some sweet, chopped pineapple to save it. Don't bother with this one, there are too many other great salsas for grilled tuna.

Visitor of the day. I know this is nothing compared to the bear that visited last week, but he was buzzing around my lunch, so I took a picture.

Honorable mention goes to my nice niece Jennifer, with the long blonde flowing hair, who made me this wonderful prosciutto sandwich, served to me poolside. Now how can you beat that?
She also made a great peach almond torte, with excellent first time homemade crust.

I made a beautiful panzanella salad with the yellow & red cherry tomatoes from the farmers' market mixed with Early Girl variety, stolen from next door. So far, it's been a good week.


krysta said…
okay chick-a-roo! why is it you always have pictures of really good sandwiches? seriously i'm coming to new york.
You take great pictures! I get so disappointed when I make a recipe from a great chef that doesn't come out the way I want it.